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How You can Speed up Your Speed to Write Article

Yes, If you are a blogger you might be knowing that writing article very fast matters.After reading this article you can speed up your speed to write articles for websites or blogs.

It is because if you will write more content on your blog, you will get more traffic and finally more income from Adsense, Any AdSense alternatives or any other source. And if you have a private blog network then you must need good speed to write many articles.

To make money from the blog, Either you need Targeted traffic either more traffic from which some will be interested in your content. Finally, You have to write content to make them feel good about your blog. So you need to write long content and I guess you know very well that content length affects your rankings and traffic.

If you will update your blog regularly, you will get fetch more subscribers than those who don’t write articles regularly on their blog.

Recently,  On one of my blog, I stopped writing articles for 15-20 days and the result was no new subscribers and No increase in traffic.

Finally, We can say we need to write lots of content on our blog to make lots of money from it. So, Let me tell you how to increase the speed to write articles.

1. Increase Typing Speed with KeyHero

I never saw any typing speed tester better than this one. KeyHero is very much simple as well as free. What you have to do is to make one account in KeyHero and you will be ready to rock.

If you don’t want to register then it’s your choice but Registering with it will help you to record your Progress and moreover, it’s free. Let me show you how it works.

First of all, Visit and click on the Link with anchor text Typing Test – Play Now! just as below given Link.

Increase typing speed keyhero


When you will click Play button, you will be redirected to Typing test page where you can check your typing speed. You will just get one Paragraph and one Long text box in which you have to write that paragraph without doing any mistakes, here is how it works.

Keyhero working...


When you will start writing that paragraph, KeyHero will start it’s clock. You have to complete it as fast as possible and at the end, it will show you your typing speed.

By registering with it, your records will be stored. So that you can see how much your typing speed is improved. The speed of average blogger will be around 60-100+ Words per minute.

2. Close Yourself in Quite Room or Cubicle

How to speed up the article writing process for bloggers
Speed up your Article Writing Speed

Working in Cubicle is really a great productivity Hack and you can work harder and effectively in quite places like room or cubicle.

That’s why many bloggers choice to work at night like me. It is because, In the day or in non-quite places, there will be distractions like your friends talking with each other, your family talking with each other and other non-natural voices.

They distract us from our work. The best way to become productive is to work at the place where you are lonely. It might be a personal room or Cubicle.

3. Close Social Media Sites

Nowadays, Social media is rocking everywhere and we are the one who spend lots of time on social media. Yes, I am talking about Digital marketers aka bloggers.

You can speed up your writing speed by logging out from your social media accounts and this technique really works. When I am logged out of my social media accounts, I can work very fast because there is no one who message me for help and I go there to help him/her by wasting much time.

If you are still unable to get rid of facebook and twitter, there is one Extension named StayFocused in Chrome, Just install it and you will be unable to open facebook and every other blocked sites without completing your work. I have good experience with it but not the best because we can remove that extension easily.

Now it’s up to you that how you are focusing on your work. StayFocused Chrome extension might help you to do so.

An Irony is, they can solve their problems by googling it. So, Close social media accounts and start focusing on writing content.

4. Soft Music will Work Hard

This technique really worked for me. It will help you to get rid of un-natural Voices and noises and will give you the best soft instrumental feel.

If you want Something Instrumental, you can head up to You will find many Peaceful and great sound files there.

If you don’t need Instrumental music, you can head up to white noise, White noise will give you the feel that you are at some natural place like Forest and much more according to your selection there.

You can feel White noise or too! You can setup that which type of noise you want to listen and that’s all.

Conclusion: You can surely boost up your productivity and speed to write articles by using these techniques. I will personally recommend you to work alone in a quiet place with social media off and you are ready to go.

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if you have questions related to this topic, you can comment it down and we will help you to solve your questions Also, share this article to help us spread the knowledge.


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