How Content Length Affects Your Rankings and Traffic

Content Length Affects Your Rankings and Traffic
Content Length Affects Your Rankings and Traffic

Don’t you think that your content length decides your traffic? If you are thinking same then you are going right. Content length decided traffic to your specific blog post or whole blog.

Content is the main thing on which you should focus. When It comes to SEO and content marketing, Content will help you a lot. More information your content has, Higher will be the rankings.

Sometimes, you may think that Is it possible to rank without backlinks? Yes, It is possible if the content is written for visitor and not for search engines. If you are running behind making your content Good for search engine, you will forget to optimize it for users.

If you want to rank on any keyword without having back links, Sure, you can bang your site on page #1 if the content has much information then your competitor’s content has.

► If you wanna write long content then you must speed up your article writing speed.

So, How Content Length Affects Rankings and Traffic?

More content means more rankings and it is true. You can see this in below given image,

Average Content length of top 10 results
Average Content length

You can see, On an Average, if you are having more than 2000 words in an article, You will secure position on #1 page for sure in most cases. I’ve experienced this and most of my articles has more than 1000-1500 words in each article.

You might be knowing that Majority of visitors click on #1,#2, #3 and #4 ranked URLs on the first page of google. Here is the Heat map of the google’s SERPs page.

Golden triangle Heatmap


The red area in this Image indicates the higher number of clicks  compared with other portion. The part which is Pure grey in color has almost 0 clicks while parts having red color are having highest number of clicks.

It means that, if you will get your article in top 5 results, you will see the boost in the number of visitors to your site compared with having rank on the second page or further.

How content length affects your rankings and Traffic

You can secure position in the top 5 results by writing 2000+ words article which contains every information about any topic.

Length of content will help you to rank in every niche. Whether your niche is tech or health, you will get ranked and the data is average.

Moreover, By having more content in an article, the number of social shares will increase. This image proves that,

Content vs social shares


This means that if your article is having a number of words between 0-1000, You will get around 5o00 social shares. While this stats are average, your number of shares may vary with a huge difference.

In short, More content will help you a lot to get higher traffic from search engine and social media. Moreover, In-depth articles with Higher number of words in it will get the higher number of natural backlinks. In this case, Natural backlinks are the backlinks given to you by the site owner without paying or asking for it.

This type of backlinks affect rankings a lot and you will get higher rankings by getting this type of backlinks. Now, You should know the importance of content length in traffic generation and for improvisation in Rankings.

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