Tips to Manage Time for Working Women

Maximum working women get late in reaching office at time.Though they try a lot to reach office at time but still they are failed totips-to-manage-time-for-working-women join their colleagues at exact time.As they come office late, they try to hide themselves from the eyes of boss and co-workers.The lady herself take her seat in his office as fast as she can and starts her work.Whole day she felt ashamed of being late, she feels tensed that someone may shout at her or may be try to gave her a tone of being late.Hence, she curse herself of being late and decides to come office on time from very next day.Yes, she comes at time for 2-3 days and then story repeats again of being late.

There are several challenges faced by working women or working mother.She faces many problems and challenges in her office life as well as house life.

My mother also a working woman, but she manages her time so efficiently that she never gets late for her office.She gives full time to me and our family, manages her office work too.She follows some key factors in her life which allows her to manage her time for everyone.I would like to share some key attributes of her busy life that she follows and manages her time so efficiently.I know time management for working women is difficult but I am sure these ways will definitely manage your time and helpful for you to reach office on time.

Effective Time Management Tips for Working Women

  • My mother doesn’t have two minds when she prepares breakfast and lunch in the morning.She decides what to make in breakfast and lunch before one day by asking every family member.She plans everything about this before one night or some time she consults with us on weekends.

Hence, you can also follow this thing, it will help you a lot to prepare breakfast and lunch on time and you won’t get late for your office.You always be on time.

  • One of the important thing that my mother follows that she always arrange her formals, handkerchief, socks and bag at proper place in the night.Whatever clothes she is going to wear in the morning, she keeps them at the proper place in the night so that she doesn’t need to find things early in the morning.

You can also do the same thing, try to put your clothes and things at proper place which you are going to use early in the morning.It will help you to save your time.

  • My working mother does light yoga and exercise, it helps her to be fit and energetic.This daily exercise leads her to fit physically and mentally fit.She gives only 20-25 minutes for her daily exercise and she is still fit and healthy in the age of 49.It makes her feel alive and doesn’t get lazyness.

Daily exercise also helps not to get late for office because it keeps you mentally fit.It avoids tension and stress.Your whole tension of office and work can be released.

  • One of the best way to manage your time is to do work with full concentration.Whatever work you are doing. do it with more concentration.So that every work is completed on right time.It will help you to save time.
  • Try to live happy and completes your work happily.My mom does same thing, she likes to listen songs while doing her work at home.It makes her feel relax and happy.She tells me that she gets bor in office and she couldn’t listen songs usually, hence she is used to take some fun from the window of office.It makes her feel exciting and doesn’t let her bor.

You can also do same thing while you are in office or at home.

  • Complete your office work at office time, don’t take it with yourself at home as possible as you can.When you come home with your office work, your mind always has tension of completing office work and you couldn’t concentrate on your work at home.So every work that you do at home, takes more time as it should take normally.

Hence don’t bring office work at home, it won’t help you.If you have office work at home, then complete it by night or as early as possible.It will take you out from tension and stress.

  • Our family is too big, hence there are lots of work for my mom along with office works.So she has distributed various works to every family member.It helps her to complete the house works in quick time.

You can follow her and complete your works on time.If you have more work in office then you can ask to your seniors or boss to help you in distributing the work with other colleagues.So that you wont get hactic of load of work.

These are the important tips for time management for working women and working mother.These tips will help you to manage your time in office and home.I hope you enjoy the tips, if you want to share more tips with us you can pass comment in comment box below.


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