How to Manage Time in Love Relationships

Managing the time efficiently is the key of getting success everywhere in life. Time management is required for everyone whether he is in student life or in old age. In student life, time management is more vital because this is the platform which makes our life. In old age, managinTime-management-in-relationshipsg time for taking medicines and snacks is important. Between these two ages there are several stages in which time management is very important.

Time management is important when you are in love relationship, you are working in office, you are in marriage relationship, you are a mother or father. Wow our life is too hactic and if we sit and make time table sheet for our daily schedule for each stage of life, surely I’ll get headache once. Benjamin Franklin’s two quotes are very famous about time management i.e.

“Time is money” and “Time lost is never found again”.

Today we will discuss about how to manage time in relationships, especially in love and husband-wife relationships. Time management is not easy ever in the relationships, but we can utilize our time efficiently with our relations and work. A very famous quote that I like too much about time management in relationships is that

“To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship (by Domenico Cieri Estrada).”

Time Management in Love Relationship :

Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone dies to enjoy it once in life. Love relationship is all about trust, understanding, best friendship and privacy to girls especially. Love relationship usually happens in teenage when lovers are in schools or collages.Lovers-spend-time-on-holidays-with-each-other

A Girl usually demands faith, privacy and a good time spend in a relationship from her lover. She wants to talk more and more with her boyfriend as it is possible. The girl also asks her lover not to do any sort of work while talking to her, she wants full privacy. In this case, boy sometimes get frustrate and shout at her which she never likes at all. Girl gets angry and doesn’t talk to the boy. This leads the boy to make her girls happy again and make her calm down.

The girl doesn’t finish her angry for a period of time, till then boy urges to the girl to forgive. Hence boy and girl both waste their valuable time. They don’t know the lost time won’t come back again.

So to manage time in love relationship, we need to follow some tips which lead us to have good relationship with most of the efficient time utilization.

  • Manage time by setting priorities will lead you to utilize time efficiently. Set time when to talk to your lover, its not about that you are talking 24×7 and forget about rest life.
  • Try to avoid hangouts during working days, especially for student lovers of schools and colleges. Sunday and holidays are reserved for lovers like you
  • Boys you can date your girl on weekends with a sufficient period of time, Don’t go out for whole day or night.
  • Mid-night talking for few minutes or hours is better for you after completing your important works like assignments, home-works etc.
  • In the busy day schedule try to do chatting for few minutes will make your lover comfortable with you and it makes him/her feel that you are in touch.
  • Best tip to save time is to avoid fight with your lover on regular basis. Boys, it will waste your time a lot because girls usually don’t leave anger in short time. They love to enjoy while you urges and apologizes to make them happy again.
  • Try to keep things simple and enjoy this beautiful love relationship.

Time Management in Husband-Wife Relationship :

Marriage is one of the most important and vital event of life and a good husband-wife relationship is the oxygen of successful life. This relationship is full with trust and responsibilities. Here time management plays an important factor because we see usually man is busHusband-wife-spend-time-on-weekendsy in earning money and woman is busy with home responsibilities. So, they both couldn’t give much time to each other.

If we talk about the man, he is very busy with his office work and responsibilities towards his family. He couldn’t spend enough time with family during working days of week. After office work, he has got responsibilities of children, his parents and off-course wife too. Whereas the women has got the major responsibilities of family members. Children education, kitchen, in-laws care and much more. Her work gets more difficult when she is a working lady. Time management for working women is really a tough task.

Both husband and wife manages to give their much time to family members and forget to spend time with each other. Sometimes this thing leads to develop problems and issues in relations. Tired couple couldn’t talk properly with each other in the night also. So, now what to do for managing time with our beloved wife/husband in a hactic busy schedule.

Here I have tried to give best time managing tips for husband and wife. I hope these will help a married couple to give proper time to each other.

  • The best way to spend time with each other, husband-wife should go for hangout on weekends. Saturday and sunday they should spend some time alone with each other.
  • On business holidays or summer vacations you can plan some tour outside for 5-7 days with your children, so that you can also spend great time with each other.
  • Set some priorities for your work and responsibilities, so that you can manage things in a proper way.
  • Don’t take your office work at home, try to finish it in the office so that you can concentrate more on family and your husband/wife.
  • In a week you can go for a long drive to spend some time with each other. Morning walk can be more beneficial for both married couples to spend time.
  • In summers, you can go for an ice-cream drive after dinner. It also works, my father does this.

Time management in relationships in nutshell :

In relationships, time management is easy if we set the priorities among our works and relations. One quote that I like most about setting priorities given by Peter turla.

“Managing your time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit the target.”

So we should set priorities to manage time. We should go for hangout on holidays and weekends with our lover to spend some great time.

These ideas, tips about time management in relationships I have written on the basis of my experience. I have seen the way my father and mother spend time with other and my friends do with their lovers. but my friends don’t manage time, they are poor in this, so I have dedicated this post to my crazy lover friends.

I hope you enjoy this article.


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