Why You should Stop Drinking Soda Every day if you Do!

you should stop drinking soda everyday
you should stop drinking soda everyday

Do you drink soda every day? 2 times in a day? 4 times in a day? When it comes to daily and we are talking about Soda then you are going wrong. Yes, If you drink soda daily then its very bad for you.

you should stop drinking soda everyday
you should stop drinking soda everyday

Frankly telling, I used to drink every day, but soon I left when I came to know about side effects of soda. I am going to share that side effects with you so that you can get rid of the problems you are going to face if you continue drinking soda daily.

Drinking Soda Side Effects

First of all, Here are the top reason why all soda addicts like Soda:

  • Soda habit: Yes, they drink soda telling that they have a habit of it.
  • It is cheap: Less than water?
  • Thirst: You think “umm…. I am thirsty… Let’s drink soda” rather than water.
  • Caffeine: Do you know? It is a slow addictive thing which is found in soda.

These are very common answers we get when we ask “why do you drink soda every day?” to some soda addictive. It is because they don’t know about the side effects of soda. It is very harmful to anyone’s health and they should leave this bad thing called soda.

It is because as we told it has many bad things for you. Here is the list with additional information attached with it.

1. You will Gain Extra Weight

drinking soda side effects - Extra Fat
Drinking Soda Causes

Do you know with every 330ml of soda daily can increase your weight up to 1lb a month? Think how much you were drinking till now and how much extra weight you got.

2. Risk of Diabetes

Risk of Diabetes
Risk of Diabetes

Soda comes with lots of sugar. Whenever you drink soda, you are also consuming lots of sugar which makes you diabetic. It is not a good news. In last few years, Due to increasing in consuming more soda, Number of Americans having diabetes is increased from 6.6Millions to 20.8Millions.

3. Dental problems

drinking soda can affect your teeth
Dental problems

Soda can decay your tooth and according to science, number is increasing day by day of tooth decay for which Soda is responsible.

What soda will do is it will make your teeth weak and easy to decay. By this way, you can lose your teeth and if you don’t want soda to do this, please stop it.

4. Aging

Aging -side effect of Soda

Want to become an old man at a young age? If yes then you are doing right by consuming over limit soda. Research of British university says that there is one common preservative found in soda which is E211 which has ability to stop some DNA functions.

5. Dehydration

major side effect of soda -Dehydration

Main 2 things in soda which are caffeine and sugar re Dehydration causing things. So, by drinking more soda, you will face more dehydration which is not at all good for you… Better drink water than soda.

Conclusion: Now, you should think about drinking soda again on a daily basis. Yes, you can drink a soda once a week or twice a week but don’t get addicted to it by any reason. Finally, it’s a slow poison which can give you diabetes and aging very fast.


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