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Dowry System in India – An Evil

Dowry System

India experiences from several social superstitions and evils. The system of dowry is one of these enormous evils. The system of dowry is known in cash and type to a daughter throughout their marriage. This immorality is practiced and found in all communities and sections of the nation. With it are related lots of other evils like prejudice, greed next to the women, bride-burning, ill handling of girl child, taking of bribes etc. thus as to be capable to provide money etc. in the wedding of a daughter. These are the worse effects of dowry system. Lots of young girls commit suicide as their parents can’t pay dowry. In several cases, parents have a loan of money on very expensive interest rate to wed off their daughters and spend their remaining life in big misery. There are many bad effects of dowry system that you can’t imagine. We should make a strong system to keep away from this type of dowry effects.

Know More about Dowry System:

Dowry DefinationWedding is a great occasion for people and their relations. There are many ambitions and dreams related with a wedding. The entire ambitions and dreams are spoiled at the time a married female is beaten, slapped and ill-treated for requirement of some property and money. She is requested to come at the home of their husband with a full bag of cash and some papers of the property.

It has turns into very tough to search a perfect match for a girl without giving attractive dowry. It has bitter the relations and there are nervousness, ill-will and cacophony in the relations. Wedding has become a type of business and use of the parents of a female. Parents of cultured and highly placed boys insist massive dowry. The amounts are fixed as per to the career positions and qualifications of the boys to be wedded. These are making the bad impact of dowry system in society, and uneducated people following the same rule and system to give happiness to their daughter. They don’t know the dowry effects can be dangerous.

Causes of Dowry System in Our Culture

There are many causes of dowry in India, if talking about the main cause then it is lack of awareness. This system is increase in the society as of some gluttonous people and ham-fisted parents. Parents of a girl don’t know effect of dowry system on society and think that their daughter does not get any type of problem in their wedded life. So they complete the requirement of the family members of boy’s side. This system is a subject of big shame and smear on the Indian culture. You can’t see this type of system in any other country. It shows our chauvinism next to women. It underscores the fact female in India are not pleasured fairly and equally. After wedding, women are stressed, ill treated and also burned to death in case they are unsuccessful to bring dowry.

How to Stop Dowry System in India

Stand Against Dowry
Stand Against Dowry

If you want to stop the system of dowry and want to remove the impact of dowry system in our society then you have to change our views and thinking. You have to think that in case other parents are providing their daughter to us, they must take proper care of them. For some cash we should not taunt the girl. The female themselves must come forward and fight next to the performance of dowry. They must understand their strengths, rights and privileges. They must stop planning in conditions of a weaker sex. They must expose and revolt practitioners of dowry. They must stand on their feet and struggle for their rights. A very tough movement and propaganda are required to eliminate the evil dowry system forever.


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