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Amritsar is very attractive cities of India, is situated in the Punjab state. It is very important seat of Sikh culture and history. Amritsar tourism is all granted with different religious historical sites, Golden Temple being the most ultimate one.

Amritsar tourism is flooded with patriotism and spirituality. The colorful rich cuisine and Punjabi festivals are other important attractions of Amritsar tourism packages. The Punjab government has made actual efforts to give all relieves for tourists and therefore to make Amritsar most sought after objective in the nation. Amritsar tourism is greatest for shopaholics because the city is popular for its fabrics and handicrafts.

Popular Places of Amritsar

The Amritsar tourism is mainly reliant on the beauty of Wagah border and Golden Temple. But, there are a range of other important things a traveler can do on the visit to this wonderful city.

Golden Temple – This amazing temple with a dome of golden material is a world popular shrine devoted for Sikhs. Followers all over the world visit this sacred shrine every year. This temple was built in the 18th century, the five storied building of marble material around the golden dome is traditionally very imperative. Approx 20,000 visitors are offered with free food here on a daily basis.

JallianWala Bagh – It is the place for those people, who interested in the struggle of freedom in India. It is national monument providing the complete story of British mass butchery in India where more than 2000 people was shot dead in the year 1919. The walls here still hold the marks of bullet.

Wagah border

One more attraction in the packages of Amritsar tourism is the Wagah border- the border of Indo-Pakistan. There is a complicated change-of-guards between soldiers of Indian and Pakistan and the flag down ritual taking place in the time of evening with high patriotism of viewers who scream at the top of their influence.

Ram Bagh: It is a wonderful summer palace situated in the center of a garden that is now turned to a museum. The fort is an architectural house and marvels a vast group of Mughal portraits, weapons, and a copy of Kohinoor diamond.

Durgiana Temple: Situated close to Lohgarh Gate, the Durgiana Temple is a popular temple in Punjab. It has doors made with silver and so known as Silver Temple. The holy place has relationship with the Indian epic-Ramayana.


The wonderful city Amritsar has a wonderful inland continental type of weather where everyone shows their interest to visit there. At the time compare to summer, winters are extremely cold. At the days of winter season mainly from Nov to Feb, temperatures could even vary from 5 to 9 degree Celsius.

How You can Reach at city Amritsar

Amritsar is situated to the North of Delhi and it can be simply reached by train from Delhi and some other main North cities. It is even feasible to visit Amritsar from Pakistan by passage the Wagah border that is even a very important place a traveler can visit.

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