5 Best Free Tasker Alternative Apps for Android Devices

You have all done automation with tasker. Looking for tasker alternatives? Then you have come to the right place to find out the best alternative so you can automate your device at no cost.

Tasker is a must have apps for android users.  With the help of Tasker Profiles, you can easily automate your device and any version of android after 4.0, but the functioning is a bit difficult and especially who haven’t used anything like this before.Here is depth article on how to use Tasker for them who are interested in using Tasker.

So if you want automation at an easier level then read out these best alternatives here and experiences high level of automation just as tasker.

Best Alternative to Tasker Android App

These alternatives do not require you to be a technical person, so anyone of any age can use these automation apps after choosing your favorite one and getting it from play store.

1). Condi

Condi is best Alternative to Tasker App

Condi is also known as “mini-tasker” in the market of automation apps. It is one of the best tasker alternatives, and by using it, you can experience easy automation with all the same features.

It’s a lighter one than tasker, so it does not require your device to be rooted, any device un-rooted can easily access this app Condi.

You just need to install it from play store or any reliable source, and after installing it, you are ready to create your first task or profile. Just like the tasker, it alsoshows + button, and by tapping it, you get in the process of creating a profile.

Now the list of actions appears on the creek after tipping + sign, you need to choose action according to the task you want to automate.

Once you are done with choosing the category of your choice, you can edit other variables like state when the specific task should be automated by the app and this way you are easily done with this tasker alternative easily.

2). Llama

Llama Best Tasker Alternative app

This app is perfect for the category of best tasker free alternative that is already gained millions of fans and with starting of over 4.5 on play store.

The reputation of this app is very good in the Android automation industry, and it charges not even a single buck, so it is free of cost.

Other than it is priceless, it is also easy to use and includes several innovative features like location tracking to get your profile in action as predefined by you.

The app comes with several categories so you can play with your phone for just any task to be automated like running any particular apps, screen brightness, killing apps, clearing cache, etc.

As it uses the location tracking feature, you can set any profile that should happen when up join that particular location. It uses phone mast instead of a GPS to identify your current location, so you can predefine for how long you will be in that location and this way the app triggers your events.

3). MacroDroid

MacroDroid Automation for everyone

The app has all the capabilities same as the tasker, so you won’t miss features if you were a tasker user. MacroDroid has always been in trend when it comes to automating your device in smartphones or tablets with all the proper functionalities that an automation app should have.

You can access it for both free and premium version, you have to face some ads when you access the free version and t is limited to just 5 tasks, and the pro comes with no ads at all, and for some more features and with no restrictions, the premium version costs you only $2.99.

The app includes “add Macro” option to let you create your first profile just like the + button in tasker. When you tap this option, a screen pops up and shows various categories according to your version free or premium so you can choose among them.

This app requires your device to be a rooted one for some features while others can be accessed on un-rooted devices as well. Enjoy this tasker alternative and set your choice of conditions.

4). AutomateIt

AutomateIt App

Another well-known alternative for tasker and it is also available in both free and premium version so you can go with as per your choice. It is really simple to use, the entire interface is easy to understand, so it allows users to operate it without any trouble.

Just like you add a profile in tasker, here you create your first profile by tapping “add Rule” button then you are prompted to choose actions of your choice and then the event gets created to be triggered by the app on the selected situation.

For the beginners or those are new to automation apps, this is quite a handy app, and you just need a registration to access their features.

5). Quick Click

It is a worthy tasker alternative to install on your device and enjoy automation. For example, you want to turn on your flashlight whenever you enter any dark place with your phone, then you can instruct it to do the same.

By instructing the app to turn on your flash in a dark place, you don’t need to unlock your phone, swipe down that notifications panel and the tap the torch button.

Instead, it will automatically turn on the flash, and this feature is really worth whenever you enter the ark hall of any Cineplex.

So this way QuickClick saves you from many hassles and offers you a simple automation experience that makes your life a way easier than before.

This app also has the ability so you can perform some functions just by pressing your volume keys even when the phone’s screen is off.


Android is really a revolution when it comes to technology, and this automation feature is the best example of it because it performs several tasks with just an instruction.

Android automation feature is the top going feature these days as it allows all the customization and auto instruct the phone to initiate defined actions. So know about Tasker alternatives here and choose your favorite tasker alternative that is easier than tasker.

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