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Onsite SEO versus Offsite SEO

Firstly, if you are reading this article then you already understand that SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a method used by all websites to be found on Google and other search engines. It is also known to most that there are 2 methods or aspects of SEO; one is onsite SEO which is carried out on the website itself and second being offsite SEO which is a method used to acquire more links pointing to your website.

Step One – Onsite SEO

The first step in SEO is onsite SEO. Onsite SEO is basically conducting SEO on your own website. When you conduct SEO on your own website it means optimizing the website in a way that makes the website search engine friendly. The better the onsite SEO more are the chances of the website appearing in search engine results. If your website is not found on Google then it has no standing because your website will not be found by potential customers; you will not get any visitors and that means outcome of creating a website stands NIL.

Search Engine Optimization

The steps involved in performing onsite search engine optimization as follows:

#1 Keyword Research: The first step is to do keyword research. Find keywords that you think are most relevant to your website and are also the ones people will use to find your website. If you are a plumber in Dubai then terms like plumber in Dubai, best plumber in Dubai, Dubai plumber are some common keywords to target. There are many tools including Google Keyword Planner that assist you in this task. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool and one of the most widely used online tools.

#2 Title Tags: Once you have finalized your target keywords then next step to proceed with is setting up the title tags on your web pages. This is one the most important things in onsite SEO. Title tags are basically good placement of keywords in your title tags. Title tags are not seen by the visitor. These are seen by the search engine bots that visit and crawl your website. The title tags tell the visiting bot as to what keywords are related to that particular web page. There is a certain 60 characters limit for title tags. Characters beyond 60 will not appear in search engine results.

#3 Meta Description: The meta description is a short description of the content on that particular web page. So if your web page is about plumbing services or bathroom repair or plumbing installation then your meta description should be a short description of the same. There is a 160 character limit for writing the meta description.

Apart from the above things like image tags, robot.txt optimization, sitemap optimization, site load speed, header tags etc are equally important parts of onsite SEO.

If you are not sure on how to carry out onsite SEO then it’s best that you hire a SEO Dubai company to take care of this aspect of SEO for you.

Step Two – Offsite Search Engine Optimization

Offsite SEO is basically link building wherein your create backlinks for your website. This is a method that has been in place for more than 15 years. This method became popular when Google stated that they rank website in their search engine result based on the number of links pointing to a website. Better links pointing to a website means that website is popular and will appear higher in search results.

Link building is not a one off process wherein you build a certain number of links and then stop the process. If you build a certain number of links and gain better Google rankings for your website then your competitor can do more of the same and move ahead of you in search engine rankings.

We’ll talk more about offsite SEO methods in our next article.


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