Buying and Decorating an Apartment

One of the things you might have when you are looking at Villawood apartments for sale is having to adjust to a smaller living space. That limited space is something you can work on when you are decorating. There are a few tricks such as using lighter colours or whites to make rooms seem larger. Clever use of lighting can also help. Clever solutions for storage issues are another thing to focus on. When you are looking at ideas for apartment decorating, part of it needs to be out-of-the-box solutions for practical matters as well.

Not all single-family house decorating ideas work in an apartment

Living successfully and comfortably in an apartment is not achieved in the same way you might decorate a house. It is a waste of money and effort. With your apartment, you need to consider your space, the size of your furniture, how to have a storage solution that might also be a seating solution, how one piece might have multiple uses. A murphy bed folds up during the day to reveal a desk you can work at for example.

The desk slots back into its recess and those items left on it, remain safe and stored away. Just because these pieces are practical does not mean they also cannot be attractive and well-designed in your Villawood apartments. Even if you have a one bedroom apartment and not a studio you might choose to have a murphy bed because then you have a bedroom by night and a room to work in by day, keeping your living/cooking space free. The bed is not hard to pull down, anyone can do it.

You should also utilize the height of the apartment. You can have a smaller entertainment system but have it stacked going up the wall. For a table to eat at or sit with friends at with a cup of coffee you could have one where part of it folds down, so out of use it is against a wall perhaps with a vase on it, and then you can pull it out when you need it. Or when you find the right Villawood apartments for sale you could get yourself a table that folds up and fits in two chairs stored inside so you have the chairs out when needed, at other times they are completely out of sight and you hold onto your space.

Using colour more effectively

As mentioned colours has a huge impact on how large or small a space feels. Paint a room white and it feels larger, paint it dark and feels smaller and more cozy. Keep your Villawood apartments light and it will appear larger and feel brighter. As well as whites and creams think of pale hues and pastels. Try to keep your windows uncluttered so they let in light, place a few mirrors around to reflect that light.


When you buy an apartment you can turn it into a lovely home but you need to think differently than how you decorate a house. Making sure things have more than one purpose and considering the colours you use are two crucial aspects of that.

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