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HP Printer Error Codes List – Learn to Fix them

HP Printers are one of the best options for customers who are planning to purchase new laser or inkjet printers for professional or personal use. All the latest features that provide the excellent print quality to you are in the HP Printers. HP products are also a better option because HP provides excellent customer support to the customers. If you face any technical issue on your HP Printer, you can contact HP customer support for help.

However, before contacting the tech support for the help, you can read the HP Printer Error Code List to fix the problem on your printer quickly. HP Printer Error Code list contains Error codes that are alert messages that you get on your screen when you need to repair or troubleshoot any problem. You can fix the problem by reading the error codes and solution we provide you with the list.

List of HP Printer Error Codes & Solutions to Fix Errors

Different models have slightly different wording for the HP Printer error codes, but generic solutions work for most of them. Here is a quick guide to common HP Printer errors along with the meaning and solutions. Follow the instructions to know how to fix them.

Error Code: 02 – Warming Up

Meaning: This HP error code is usually associated with problems of printer cables or printer drivers.

Solution: Turn off your printer, and remove the cable of the printer. Then turn on the printer again. If the printer reports ‘Ready’ message to you then first update the printer driver. If it does not solve anything, then printer cable needs updation. If the error persists, then maybe it could be a hardware problem.

Error Code: 10 – Supplies Memory Error

Meaning: Your printer has the chip of toner cartridge, it means the printer is unable to read the toner cartridge chip. It is an e-label on the cartridge.
Solution: Try to turn on and off the printer a few times, and see if it works. Reinstall or replace the toner cartridge. If the problem persists, you may need to contact customer support.

Error Code: 11 – Paper Out

Meaning: It means your printer has a problem with the paper tray or sensor.

Solution: Make sure that your paper tray is not damaged. Clean up the paper sensor. Remove the toner buildup.

Error Code: 12 – Open or No EP

Meaning: It means you have not installed cartridge correctly. Either your cartridge cover is open, or you have dysfunctional cooling fans.

Solution: Make sure that your toner is installed correctly, all the covers are closed.

Error Code: 13 – Paper Jam

Meaning: It means that your printer has a paper jam problem. There are four stages where a paper jam can occur – picking, printing, fusing, and exit. Most of the modern printers can indicate where the jam has occurred.

Solution: The solution to paper jam is to follow the instructions given on the screen or read the user manual. Try to carefully remove paper jam in the areas accessible in the printer.

Error Code: 14- No Cartridge
Meaning: Your printer does not have a toner cartridge in it.
Solution: If it does not have a toner cartridge then install a new one. Removing and reinstalling the toner cartridge can also solve the problem.

Error Code: 16 – Toner Low
Meaning: It indicates that the cartridge is either empty or running low on toner.
Solution: Remove the cartridge from the printer and gently shake it, that allows you to use the remaining little toner from the cartridge. Once the cartridge is empty, replace it.

Error Code: 20 – Memory Overflow
Meaning: It means that your print job needs more memory than what printer supports.
Solution: You must reduce the size of your print job. Reduce the DPI in the printer driver.

Error Code: 22 – I/O Configuration
Meaning: This error code indicates that there is a communication problem between the computer and the printer.
Solution: Try to connect the printer cable to a different computer port. If it doesn’t work, use a new cable. Make sure that cable is inserted correctly in the ports on both ends.

Error Code: 24 – Job Memory Full
Meaning: The error indicates that too many print jobs are sent to the printer, and the memory can’t handle the load.
Solution: Reduce the size of all the print jobs. Make the documents more simple.

There many others errors like HP Printer 49 Service Error , which can be solved by following methods given on our support website.

Final Words

HP Printers are your best choice when it comes to printers of all sizes and types. Without any hesitation buy an HP Printer, if you are planning to buy a new printer. However, printers are like any other gadget, they are not immune to malfunctioning. Above mentioned HP Printer error codes are quite common errors that users encounter. If you want a quick fix, you can follow the solutions given in the list. If the solutions don’t solve the problem, you can contact HP Printer customer support for the help. The team of expert technicians looks into the matter and solves it within no time.


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