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Amazon launched its iconic Amazon Kindle e-readers in 2008. Quickly, the devices captured the market of ebook readers. Amazon Kindle devices are perfect for you, if you prefer to read books, newspapers, and magazines on the screen instead of paper. Kindle has gone under a lot of improvements and the company has launched the upgraded versions throughout the years. Amazon has made sure that their devices are always equipped with the latest technological innovations. Amazon Kindle devices have always provided unique features to the users, that make the entire experience of reading extremely comfortable. However, sometimes customers face some technical issues with their Kindle device. Amazon provides a dedicated Kindle Helpline Number to solve the problems of those customers. You can ask for help through Kindle Helpline Number.

Amazon Kindle users face some common problems that can be solved by following some simple instructions. If you have any technical issue regarding the Kindle device, follow the tips given below and check if your device is functioning normally again. If it is not then maybe you need to call Amazon Kindle Support Number.

What are Some Common Kindle Fire Problems & How to Solve them?

To be precise, Amazon has stopped using the name ‘Kindle’ for its tablets. Now, only the e-readers are called by the name by ‘Kindle’ name. Kindle e-reader is an e-reader dedicated to reading books. E-Ink technology in the Kindle makes it the best device to read books. Apart from a few unique features, use of Kindle is limited. You can do some limited web browsing on it though. However, that’s nothing compared to the Fire tablet.

Fire is a separate range of tablets that are produced by Amazon. The tablets by Amazon are called Fire tablets. You can do many things on Fire tablets like read books, watching movies, playing games, managing your emails and browse the internet. Kindle and Fire users face some common problems. Use the quick fixes to get rid of your technical issues, and see if it correctly works again.

Problem: Sudden massive battery drain.

If your Fire tablet is facing the issue of sudden massive battery drain, here is a solution:

  • Press and hold the power button of your Fire tablet for 40 seconds, and it restarts the device. Check if it is back to working normally again.
  • Sometimes the apps we use can be the culprit behind this issue. Try to uninstall every app one by one and see if you find the app causing the battery drain. If you can’t find the suspicious app, then you can go, and factory reset the device. After the factory reset, you can install apps selectively. Make sure to take a backup of all the data before you factory reset the device. To wipe your tablet go to Settings > Device Options > Reset to Factory Defaults.

This was solution for kindle battery life problem, if you still facing same issue let us know.

Problem: Kindle Fire tablet is stuck on logo.

If your Kindle Fire is stuck on the logo, then there is a way to solve the problem.

  • Plug your Kindle Fire into a charger and wait for at least 20 minutes. Now, without disconnecting the charger press and hold the power button for 40 seconds and wait for it to restart. Check if it solves the problem.
  • Connect your device to the computer and see if it’s recognized.
  • If it’s still stuck on the logo, then it’s time to call on amazon kindle fire helpline number.

Problem: App is continuously crashing.

If you are facing the issue of any application not loading correctly or crashing repeatedly, then you should try the following steps:

  • First of all, go to Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Apps and select the app that’s freezing. Then, Force Stop the app and click on the Clear Cache button. Clearing the cache of the app usually solves the problem.
  • If clearing cache does not solve the problem, then uninstall the app. Restart the tablet. After that install the app.
  • If the problem persists, it’s an excellent idea to contact kindle customer helpline number.

These are the problems that are faced by both the Kindle e-reader and Kindle Fire tablet users. Most of the solutions listed above are quite helpful and should work fine. If you still face any problem, don’t worry and contact amazon kindle support number on +1-888-338-8633 (change as per your needs). Amazon has made a clear distinction between its Kindle and Fire devices. Kindle is a series of e-readers and Fire are tablets. If you are a hardcore ebook reader then you would like to consider Kindle e-reader. The Kindle device comes with e-Ink technology that gives you best reading experience on the screen without straining your eyes.

You can also do a limited web browsing on it. However, if you expect more from the e-reader, then you may consider purchasing a Fire tablet. Fire tablet, just like any other tablet is equipped with all the latest technology. You can read ebooks on it, although it doesn’t have e-Ink technology. You can do web surfing, watching movies and youtube videos, playing music, clicking photos, checking your emails, and it also supports Skype voice/ video calls. Choosing the perfect device is entirely dependent upon your priorities, but one thing is sure, Amazon delivers the best quality products with the latest features to the customers. These features make the experience of reading quite blissful. Go for the Fire tablet if reading ebooks is not your only priority, Fire tab allows you to perform all the important tasks easily. This Fire tablet is a better option than Kindle e-reader.

Go for the e-reader only and only if reading is your priority.

Final Words

If you are a Kindle Fire user you are most likely not going to face any technical issue. Amazon makes sure that their products are the best in the quality and services. However, that doesn’t make it immune from malfunctioning. If you face any problem, try the above solutions. If the problem is still there then contact kindle helpline number. Describe them the problem you face in a detailed manner. Also tell the solutions you tried and whether it worked for a while or not. Amazon has a team of skilled technicians who look into your matter and solve it within no time. This dedicated customer service makes Amazon better than most of the other tablet and e-reader companies. If the problem takes some time to get solved, you must remain patient. Team will solve it as soon as possible.

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