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Solve Common Errors in AOL Mail Services – Helpline Number

AOL Mail services is a web mail service offered by an American internet company called AOL. AOL stands for America Online. AOL was an internet pioneer during the mid-90’s. Verizon Communications have acquired AOL. AOL provides a bunch of services to the millions of customers.

AOL services include AOL Web portal, AOL Mail, AOL browser, and other online services. AOL Mail services are the best alternative to mainstream mailing providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. AOL Mail has many features like direct access to AOL Web portal and AOL Desktop Gold if you’re a premium subscriber.  The unique features that come with AOL make it a good web mail platform.

AOL Mail services are best but sometimes customers face some common errors when they try to access the email service. There are some quick fixes to solve the technical issues. However, some issues are unable to be fixed by using the quick fixes. You need to contact the AOL Tech Support through their AOL helpline number.

Simple Steps to Solve Common AOL Mail Service Errors

Following are some common problems that most of the AOL Mail services customers face, we have also included the quick solutions to fix them.

Unable to sign into AOL Mail account.

If you’re facing this issue then there could be some reasons behind it:

  • Incorrect combination of username and password
  • Old version of browser
  • Account security problem
  • Server down
  • Application not working
  • Account has been compromised

Incorrect username & password: Most of the time people face this error is because they insert the wrong combination of username and password. If you are facing this issue, then we highly recommend you to reset the password. To reset the password, you have to verify the AOL Mail account that you use. You can verify your account by using recovery options.

The old version of the browser: If you are using an old, outdated version of the browser, you may face the problem of not being able to log into the AOL Mail account. Check if your browser upgraded to the latest version. If the problem persists, you should change the browser. Switch to the browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Account security problem: AOL has a strict security policy regarding their AOL Mail accounts. If the company finds any suspicious activity on your account like spamming and unauthorized login, they can block your account for a certain period. To avoid getting your account block, verify your account by given methods. If you fail to verify the account multiple times, they block your account permanently. That’s why you must be careful.

AOL Mail account is compromised: Sometimes your account can be hacked by a hacker. If you think your account has been hacked by someone, try to contact AOL Mail tech support to get your account back. The tech support asks you a few questions, answer them correctly and you get your account. Once you recover the account, make sure to change the password and set a strong one.

The application is not working: If your AOL application is not working correctly, you can’t access your emails. Uninstall the current AOL application from the device. Reinstall the latest AOL Mail application and see if it’s working again.

Server down: If the server is down, you can’t access the mail. Make sure that your AOL Mail servers are up. If servers are down, wait for sometime. Once the servers are up again, you’ll be able to use your AOL Mail.

Final Words

AOL Mail is one of the best alternatives to mainstream email providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail. It comes with some unique security features.

You also get direct access to the AOL Web portal. AOL Mail has an advantage that is you can install your AOL Mail account on any third-party applications. You can read, send and download emails on the applications. You can also import data like contact numbers and calendars on the third-party apps. Usually, some common solutions can solve the problems faced by AOL users.

If the problem is still there you can contact AOL tech support through best AOL Helpline number 1-800-827-6364(change as per your needs) and explain them the problem you face. The team of skilled technicians looks into the matter and solves it as soon as possible. You must remain patient until the problem gets solved.


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