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10 types of Videos Fashion Brands Should Make

In today’s scenario, marketing and its ways have changed because the world revolves around social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Pictures and videos mark the brands. Through various social media and channels, these photos and videos remind the viewers about the brand and connect them to it. It has become inevitable that a brand keeps itself updated with these media forms. 

Let us see why it has become so important for every industry to plan and execute video making as a branding tool creatively.

  1. 78% of the marketers think that videos have helped in attracting new customers.
  2. About 7 in 10 marketers select videos as a form of brand communication and brand spontaneity.
  3. 60% feel a connection with the brand through the videos on their social media.
  4. According to HubSpot research, 4 of the top 6 media channels where the consumers watch videos are social channels.

For the fashion industry, videos play the same role. Fashion brands need serious focus on videos because of the nature of the industry. Every brand needs a video marketing strategy. Fashion brands are using social media for advertising and attracting their target market. The results from all the social media channels are measurable, specific and targeted. And videos form an integral part.

How to set a video marketing strategy?

As mentioned earlier, about 78% of marketers say videos help gain new customers. A business does not want to lose customers. So, a video marketing strategy needs to be in place. 

  1. Types of marketing video – The first step in planning video marketing is identifying the types of marketing videos for a particular brand industry.
  1. How to make a video for your business – Making a video is not an easy task. It needs a lot of time, resources and effort. However, new applications like InVideo make video making much easier and quicker with nil or minimum cost. 
  1. How to create a video social media strategy – This means creating a mix of videos for various channels like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  1. Using video throughout – Creating a video in the beginning and discontinuing later is not going to help. Also, the same video content does not work wonders. It has to be consistent with the brand, reminding the customer about the brand and at the same time being different every time.

In this article, we will discuss the first step of video marketing strategy for fashion brands, which is identifying the types of video marketing for fashion brands.

Types of videos, fashion brands should make

  1. Teaser video 

A teaser is a short video giving a glimpse of a new product. It is widely used for Facebook and Instagram stories. It creates anticipation in the minds of the target market, who look forward to the next videos. 

  1. Promo video

Promo videos connect you to the product and give a feel of the product without direct advertising it. It provides a gist of what the product is all about.

  1. Story film video

A story video is like a short film about the brand. It creates a connection between the brand and the customers. It communicates the brand values to the customer. ‘Warrior Woman’ is one such short film by Vogue.

  1. Expert interview video

Interviews with experts or influencers in the industry can bring some interesting information and discussions to the audience. It connects viewers with the fashion star and builds trust with the brand.

  1. Informational video

A consumer is constantly seeking information on the product he or she wishes to buy. And when it comes to a fashion product, then explanatory videos are undoubtedly helpful. Additional information on the materials used or usage gives customers the satisfaction of being informed.

  1. Behind-the-scene video

When you go back and see how a product is made, you feel delighted to see the outcome. The whole process makes you feel nostalgic. It appeals to the curiosity and the craftsmanship that goes behind making a fashion product.

  1. Educational how-to content video

If you have seen videos by Gocolors, you can see videos where they show how their product could be paired with other clothing and accessories to give a complete look. How-to videos are also seen as educational videos where instructional videos are given to the viewers. These how-to content videos are a hit among the viewers because they make them feel confident. It inspires the customers as well as educates them on the subject.

  1. Social video

As the name hints, these kinds of videos are made primarily for social media. Social videos are light videos that remind the customer of the brand. These videos are mostly silly and fun, and they are of hardly one minute. 

  1. Customer testimonial video

Customer testimonials are another concept where happy customers share their experiences. In the fashion industry, these customers can become demonstrators for these videos and create trust among other customers. These kinds of videos inspire probable customers to give your product a try.

  1. Event video

Events are very popular in the fashion industry. Covering those events in short videos and posting them on social media connects the brand and the customer. It also helps in keeping the brand top of mind. 

  1. Web series or mini-documentaries

Apart from these, there are newer forms of video making – the web series and the branded mini-documentary. A web series is a series created by a brand relating to its industry. It helps create a brand image in the minds of the customer. For example, Nike Women’s has a brand web series called Margot vs Lily. At the same time, a mini-documentary is a documentary based on the company culture and behind the scene functioning of the brand. This also builds a good brand image and trust. 

  1. Thank You Videos

Another form of video could be a ‘Thank You’ video expressing gratitude towards the customer. These videos are simply warm gestures towards the customers.

In a nutshell, a mix of all these videos through proper channels is certain to make an effective video marketing strategy.

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