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Download And Play Top Android Paid Games Of 2022 – No Jail Break

Do you spend bucks to download your favorite Android games?

Then stop paying when you can get those games for FREE!

Yes, besides all app stores that give you the best free as well as paid apps and games, the new TuTuAPP store is gaining high popularity and used by many.

This app is the perfect to get paid apps and games for free.


More About TuTuApp:

Sometimes while browsing TuTuApp you can see the name Bunny Assistant, don’t worry this is an alternate name of TuTuApp.

TuTuApp was originally launched as a Chinese app, but due to its heavy downloads and popularity, its English version was introduced.

You can download APK files and games on your Android as well as on iOS, iPhone & iPad without jailbreaking your iOS 9 or iOS 10.

iOS Apps You Can Download For Free Using TuTuApp:

Let’s look out for apps that can be downloaded on iOS for free using TuTuApp-

  • AirShou is a fantastic screen recorder that allows you to record on-screen activity for iOS. Recording on-screen activity like tutorials, movie shots, games that you are playing on your iPad or iPhone, save it to your camera roll or share it with your friends. It’s all Free on TuTu app.
  • Spotify is the best music streaming provider along with Apple music and Deezer++. Its premium version requires $9.99 to get access to million of songs. Are you going to pay that much of bucks when you can download it for free from TuTu app? No, obviously.
  • SpoofSnap will allow you to spoof your personality on Snapchat. You can increase views, speed, screenshots and more in Snapchat. By doing this, you can trick your friends who are very popular in Snapchat. That’s fun right!

Similarly, you can run top paid Android games for free using TuTu app.

Download Top Paid Android Games Of 2022 For Free On TuTuApp:

  • Crashlands (£4.22)
  • Geometry Wars 3 (Price: $9.99)
  • Minecraft Free iOS 10/iOS 9: Price ($6.99 with in-app purchases)
  • Pokesniper APK: You can get all Pokemon without wandering around the city.

What’s the Latest Update of TuTuApp?

TuTu Helper is the latest update of TuTuApp. TuTu Helper does not need jailbreak or root to download your favorite paid apps on any device by anyone.

Some features of this latest update are:

  • Content updated daily.
  • Apple ID login not required.
  • Root access not required.

So, get this app today and play all your favorite games that earlier demanded bucks before downloading. Install TuTu app for Android and iOS and enjoy the gaming experience.

If you have any questions regarding the app feel free to comment below. I would be happy to answer your queries.

Arpita Arya
I'm a digital marketer and a blogger by heart. I have been into digital marketing for the past two years and counting. I have worked with various brands over the web. Apart from blogging, I'm foody and love to travel.

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