The Right Appraisal Can Help You Gain the Best Position


As an employer, it is important for you to take care of your employees. A happy employee means a profitable business and a happy work environment. Hence to make sure that the employees are truly happy you need to encourage their performance and what is the better way than providing appraisals. An appraisal according to an employee’s performance is required because optimization is also essential when you are a business owner.

There are many factors which decide the employee’s performance throughout the year which include the business he has brought, the happiness index of your clients and much more. To keep the system professional and free from personal bias there is end number of tools that prove helpful to the user and find the right person for the concerned job. The appraisal is not about a process of a day. It is the system that finds whether the person is performing as per the expectations of the organization or way beyond it as well as under the benchmark. Depending on it one can be presumed to be fit for taking a role which can be more challenging than the present one.

The 360 degree appraisal tool of the industry is efficient and user-friendly for your organization. When you are going to provide appraisals with the most important thing is the happiness of your clients. A 360 degree feedback from your client will help you decide what the best appraisal for your employee is. The 360 degree appraisal tool has three important assessment criteria which include performance appraisal, the identification for training requirement and the planning to succeed.

What are the requirements to build a good appraisal tool?

To make sure that your employees remain satisfied, you need to make sure that the tool you are using is effective. So the benchmark for a good 360 degree appraisal tool includes three aspects, in particular, a flawless platform, detailed reports and customizable surveys.

Platform: Easy to Use

The 360 degree appraisal tool’s core component is this easy to use and fast platform. It is one of the best operational components of all the 360 degree appraisal tools in the market. Moreover, the feedback process is accelerated by using this tool. The platform has a quick set up option using which the administrator can customize what he wants to see on the home screen.

Moreover, the menus can be customized as per priorities giving the user full control over what to display and where. The administration process becomes easier than it was as the tool is customizable and the user gets to complete the pending work in time. There are automated reminders which are sent by the system once the communication between the employee and client is completed. Based on the customer reviews one can decide the kind of appraisal the employee deserves.

Reports: Every Detail Matters

A report is not worth using if the details are not highlighted and shared with each other. This tool prepares comprehensive reports based on the reviews given by the customers. Once the feedback reports are generated, and the employer can get to know about the employee’s skills and weakness in his field of work. Moreover, if a person is handling a group of people and the whole group is to be reviewed altogether then it can be easily done using the report feature. The dashboards on this tool are intuitive and can be understood without requiring external help. The ease of use is always a priority, and hence the developers of this tool have made sure that there is no operation in the tool is hard enough to understand.

Surveys: More Detailed than Ever

It is important for a user to customize everything he has got due to which ease of operations is achieved. So no matter what data is it whether questions or competencies or reports everything can be arranged according to the desire you have. In addition to that, you can customize the survey, and it can be as customizable as you want it to be. The competency library in the tool has a wide number of competency options, and the user can select any one which he agrees with. There are multiple choice questions in the system which can be used as samples, and one also has the liberty to create questions of his own.

Loved by the Employees

No one likes to carry a computer around, and hence mobile application is a must. The 360 degree appraisal tool’s mobile application will definitely win the hearts of your employees. This app is small in size, finely built and coded efficiently so that it does not make an employee’s smartphone lag. Moreover, the interface of this app is mobile friendly which means nothing can go unnoticed. The customer can also use his mobile phone to provide reviews. The responses can be auto-saved and if the customer stops using the feedback system then the next time the form is not required to be re-filled.

How Does the 360 Degree Appraisal Tool Work?

When you sign up to use the tool, the first thing you are required to do is add a template. The template can be used from the pre-designed ones, or you can design your own template and use it. The custom templates can be made using a variety of options that the in-house designing team has provided to ensure that the tool does not lack any function which is most required for business. A user can add multiple people to take surveys, and the management is hassle-free. Once the survey is published, one can also review the settings, send emails to all the survey participants or add a new participant. Once the surveys are done, a user can easily track all the surveys without clicking on so many buttons which is really tiresome. For a detailed survey, a user can double-click and check what the client has to say. In case, someone has missed the survey a user can send a reminder to the user for completing the survey.


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