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Sweet Birthday Quotes for 16 Year Old Boys/Girls

Wish Your 16 year old Son/Daughter, friend or anyone whom you love with these sweet birthday quotes images.

For a 16-year-old his or her birthday can be the most important event of the whole year. Because this is the age of adolescence, here we care most about such things. We just want to enjoy each and every moment of life. Because at this time we are free from responsibilities and burden. And there is no pressure of anything.  Here in this article we present Birthday quotes for 16 year old boys or girls. We can do almost most of the things we want to do. And a 16year old will celebrate his or her birthday with great enthusiasm like never before. Your wishes should not be sound so cheesy and lousy. so this is very clear that wishing a 16year old can be challenging due to the maturity level of that teenager. Most 16th birthday wishes focus on driving as the milestone event of the 16th birthday. These cool kids need special birthday wishes. So here are some amazing birthday wishes which you can consider.

Happy Birthday Quotes for 16 year Old

  • As you know that you will never be again 16year old. So celebrate this day with a grand party. Happy birthday to you
  • Happy 16th birthday, so don’t text and drive buddy. Don’t loose your calm!
  • Try to live up to what you are called now. Happy sweet sixteenth birthday.
  • Many-many congratulations on turning 16. Have a successful life ahead with loads of happiness. Happy birthday to you!
  • It seems like just yesterday when you came into our life. And look today you are celebrating your 16th happy 16th birthday to you!
  • You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your maturity as a near-adult, but why waste your childhood on that? Happiest birthday to you
  • You are right in the middle of your teenage years, 4years from 12 and years from 20. Enjoy being middle-teen aged. Happy birthday!
  • Its time to put away your bad teenager attitude, now that you are sweet sixteen. Happy birthday to you!
  • Its your big day. 16 is a magic number. Free to move out! Do whatever you want. Happiest birthday buddy!
  • I couldn’t imagine growing up with a better friend; you know just what to say to bring my spirits up. Good times or bad, you are always there. Wishing you a beautiful day and happy sixteenth!
  • I know you’ve been looking forward to this and I’m so happy to see you finally turn 16. Enjoy this day and party hard. Happy birthday.
  • During this special time in your life you can embrace childhood and adulthood at the same time. Happy birthday to you!
  • Sixteen is a year filled with new responsibilities; dating, driving, driving and a first job. You’ll find out years later that none of these things are anything to get excited about. Happy birthday.

Sweet 16th Birthday Quotes for 16 Year Old

  • The greetings may be stale but my sentiments are fresh like morning. Happy 16th birthday1
  • Birthday messages never go out of style. So happy birthday to you!
  • The law might say you are old enough to drive, but I know you are really just a 10year old with 6years of experience. 10year olds shouldn’t be driving. Happy 16th birthday!
  • To me, you’re simply wonderful. Everything about you is just right. So have a happy birthday. And let’s party all night.
  • When I wish you “happy birthday”. It’s because you make me proud. Now that I have put down these words. I just want to scream them loud. Happiest birthday to you!

16th Birthday Quotes for Son and Daughter

  • Another year has passed. It’s your birthday once more. You should feel very special. And let you spirit soar. Because now you’re 16years old. Happy birthday!
  • What a day to be happy, and smile the whole way through, today is your big birthday, a special wish just for you. Happiest birthday to you!
  • May your birthday be epic, may you never settle for less, may your special day be special, may you be blessed with the best. Happy 16th Birthday
  • It’s friend like you, in good times and bad, who asks for nothing, yet offers a hand. Happy birthday buddy.
  • Stop worrying about what’s gone by. Start celebrating what lies ahead. Happy 16th birthday pal!
  • You deserve the very best, all the special things in life, whatever makes you happy, whatever feels just right. Happy birthday!
  • So what if you are getting older, there are worse things to be, like a goofy, pimply teenager, with zero self-esteem. Happy 16th birthday to you!

Everyone eagerly wait for their birthdays. So make their birthday more special by these wishes. If you have any doubt or suggestion then kindly inform us. It would be helpful for us, we will definitely consider it.


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