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Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in India 2022

Are you making a plan to go somewhere in this summer holidays 2020? Do you doubt about most excellent bet for summer holiday 2020 destinations in India? Our complete collection of top 5 places to visit in India in the time of summer give you the best possible choice of places to enjoyable and sun soaked places across subcontinent of India.

Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in India

Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in India

Be it the beachfront comfort at some of the optimum beaches of south Asia or the mentally & spiritually uplifting squeeze of Himalayas; be it the meditation & yoga center where the Beatles boarded on mission for inspiration and Nirvana or the spices and tea laden Western Ghats; take your choice from our complete range of destinations and holiday ideas to make sure that you have a best and unforgettable summer break in this summer vacations 2020

This helpful list of some famous and some off the compressed path tourist places in the India is our effort to assist you make an unforgettable plan of summer vacation in India whether it is a family holiday, a friend’s get together, break out from your business existence or a honeymoon trip and romantic getaway.

Therefore, without further detour, we go on to our complete list of the best and top 5 summer holiday Indian destinations to assist you select and plan your holiday!

Ladakh: Romance, Adventure & Buddhism

Ladakh - beautiful summer holiday desitination in india
Ladakh – beautiful summer holiday desitination in india

Lovingly referred to as the “Small Tibet”, Ladakh is not any more the best kept secret of India when it arrives to tourism and one of the best places for the time of summer holidays in North India. Its high elevation cold desert in the India is a once in the lifetime occurrence.

Arid Terrain of Ladakh undergoes radical changes in weather owing to its height. Different temperature is in extreme both during winters and summers. So, attraction of Ladakh, summer is the most suitable time to visit this paranormal land of Lamas and so it is the top famous tourist place in India to visit in the time of summer.

Sikkim: Adventure, Family, and Honeymoon Destination

Sikkim -2nd beautiful destination for summer
Sikkim -2nd beautiful destination for summer

One of the very mystical and unexplored places in India happens to be the region of North East. Clear by the royal Himalayas with the chatty Teesta River crisscrossing the whole extends of the land; Sikkim in the region of North East India is one of the most excellent tourist places to discover. The truth that it is comparatively unexplored makes it the whole more appealing for discriminating travelers and one of the best destinations for the time of summer holidays in India.

There are many opportunities for different type of travelers when it arrives to things to perform and places to visit in the Sikkim. There are cascading waterfalls, Buddhist Monasteries, gushing rapids, unexplored caves, high altitude lakes, Himalayan trekking trails, and lush valleys to be discovered that makes Sikkim a perfect family holiday, adventure trip, honeymoon destination of India.

Coorg (Kodagu): Family Vacation & Honeymoon Tour

Coorg (Kodagu) -3rd lovely summer destination
Coorg (Kodagu) -3rd lovely summer destination

Nestled amidst the verdant rolling valleys and hills of the Western Ghats, Coorg is the only wealthiest Karnataka hill stations providing unequaled comfortable holidays to tourists.

Fondly suggested to as the ‘Indian Scotland’ and occasionally as ‘South Kashmir’ due to its salubrious weather conditions and verdant beauty, Coorg has an exceptional place in between all hill stations of India.

Nestled at the height of 3500 ft above level of sea, the Kodagu’s mountainous region is home to the Kodava people and refugees of Tibet. The normal majesty and verdant environs of this hill station create it a perfect place for bird-watching, trekking and rejuvenation.

In case you are traveling here in the month of April-May, then driving along the zigzag roads over the hills provides stunning vista as you drive past coffee and spice plantations recently blossom into aromatic white blossoms.

Manali: Top Honeymoon Destination in North India

Manali-Top Honeymoon Destination in North India
Manali-Top Honeymoon Destination in North India

One of the very famous destinations for the time of summer holidays in the region of North India. Manali is in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled in the middle of Dauladhar and Pir Panjal range of Himalayas providing spectacular views, bubbling water streams and a collection of mountain quest makes Manali one of the best all season India’s tourist destinations.

Whereas adventure seeker come in Manali to get soaring on the adventure sports such as paragliding, zorbing and trekking, white water rafting, honeymooners flock to have their first assignation with snow with day trips to the Rohtang Pass. For travelers it is the quaint, calm hippie towns in the outer edge – Malana being the very famous one – and for durable adventure people, it provides as base for gearing up and prepared before projecting out to overcome the trans. Himalayan terrains and think about road trips and trekking to Leh, Spiti and more.

Kashmir: Family Holidays & Honeymoon

Kashmir Family Holidays & Honeymoon summer destination
Kashmir Family Holidays & Honeymoon summer destination

A complete list of attractive summer India’s destinations is never complete without the discussion of the attractiveness of Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar in Kashmir Valley. These three attractive green paradises offer calm retreat and ample of tourism activities and nature walks that is the only reason why they are one of the very famous honeymoon destinations in the whole India.




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