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What is Service Host Superfetch ?

In many cases, Windows has a bad reputation for prolonged booting time. The earlier versions of Windows, especially Windows Vista, faced a lot of heat from its users about long booting time. Even, Windows XP also had a similar issue.

Repeated complaints from Windows users, made Microsoft give a thought in reducing the booting time. The boot time not only takes time but also degrades the user experience. This thought gave rise to the new service name Service Host Superfetch  which was introduced by Microsoft from Windows Vista onward. The main task of Superfetch is to –

Reduce booting time,Quickly load the apps that are commonly used by the user and Analyze the pattern of usage of the operating system done by the user.

Is High CPU Usage by Service Host Superfetch a Major Issues?

Let’s put it this way, when it comes to Service host, you must know that service host isn’t just a program but it’s a bridge to several different applications that run under them. Hence, that application that you so smoothly use right after switching on your Windows Operating System is because of Service host doing its job.

High CPU Usage

It’s very simple to state that Superfetch is the culprit for your high CPU Usage and low disk space. But give it a thought how many times in a week do you really clear off your junk? Or when was the last time you updated your software instantly after it notified you? Can’t recall right. Know that running a high CPU usage can be due to Service host Superfetch only if you do not take any action in certain situations.

Troubleshoot High CPU usage by Superfetch

Starting by giving you few of the best solution for this issue. But before you get any further with the solutions, make sure you repair the corrupt files.

Disable Service Host Superfetch

  1. Starting with the first one, you have to get to the run file and type service.msc to press enter. You will come across with a list of options, out of which you have to choose Superfetch. Click the option and follow the prompt to find the ‘Disable, select the option to apply the change into your system.
  2. Try to fix the non-pages memory leak. Though even I came across this option for the first time. But after a long twenty-minute research work, I finally understood this could work. Know you have to get to the run dialogue box and type ‘regedit’ which is short for registry editor. You have to locate the service option and change the value data to 4.
  3. Regulate the system file checker. The startup procedure remains the same, you have to get started by getting to run the command by typing ‘cmd’. You can follow the prompts to complete the procedure after which you have to reboot the system to see if the changes worked. If not, you need to get in touch with a professionals.
  4. Killing SVChost. You will have to make sure you are killing the service host process in the task manager to get a stable wifi connection. Though these processes can be complicated you have to stick to the exact solution to get the results. As far as the high CPU storage is concerned. You can be sure that one out of these four solutions will definitely work to solve the issues.

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