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Know everything about Badminton

Badminton is a type of game which uses a racket to hit a shuttlecock on the opponent’s side. And if the opponent cannot hit the shuttlecock back, then the opponent wins. This game is popular worldwide and is played in single and double forms.

Now while playing badminton, a proper badminton net height may not be important while they are playing for only entertainment. However, for serious games, if the net’s height is not secured and their good game also takes a turn to be their drop shots against the net, it makes it difficult to determine if a player is good or bad.

The rules for badminton net height

The badminton court rules generally provide a handy list of regulations about the badminton court net size, badminton net height in cm / (inches/feet/ meters), court lines, and boundary markings. Therefore, playing in competitive exams should be e kept in mind thoroughly.

The badminton rules of line marking often confuse beginners, so the badminton court lines are also called the side tram line in standard badminton court markings are catered for singles and doubles matches.

Some Rules are listed as follows-

  • The badminton net height and size should be e of 15 to 20 mm and also made by a find chord of mesh. The cable or a cord should be attached at the top of the mesh so it can be hung and provide tension to the net. The cord later is white taped up to 70mm.
  • The code’s colour should be dark to increase the visibility off the top while it is white tape.
  • BWF court rules say that the badminton net should be attached to the post placed on the double sidelines in both single and doubles matches.
  • The badminton net height should always be in the centre of the court, dividing the court into equal parts. Moreover, the state of the net should not slack between the posts, fixed outside the ages of the court.
  • No gaps between posts and the end of the net should be present.
  • Precisely painted or marked badminton court lines should be clear and visible.
  • The badminton net height from ground should be about five feet, which is (approximately 1.52 metres) and should hang vertically.

However, playing the game between wind and rain should be a problem there, for doing it can interrupt the natural flight of any featherweight cork shuttle. Therefore, all competitive badminton matches always occur in a regulated sport where players are made to use an indoor plain surface inspected by the professionals and spectators.

Maintaining a net height is to make the game more challenging and interesting for the spectators. However, certain official rules are governed by the Badminton World Federation or BWF in maintaining the net’s height.

The official height of a badminton net height is always lower than that of accordingly to Volleyball rules and regulations. However, according to their rules and regulations, the badminton net height is higher than any tennis net.

The Badminton Court size and net height Dimensions

The court dimensions of a badminton court are 13.4m long and 6.1m. For any single match, the sport is also marked to be 5.18m. The markings on the court make the lines easily distinct to the players, and there are also called white or yellow these lines are generally 40 mm wide.

The BWF rule says that for a singles game, the court measure size should be 44 feet by 17 feet, which is 13.4 and 5.18 meters.

Whereas, for a double game match, the coat size should be about 44 feet by 20 feet with approximately 13.4 and 6.3 meters.

The court should also be marked accordingly, and the back boundary line should also become the long service lines providing the post or others rights of material to be placed on the sidelines.

Generally, the full diagonal length of a full badminton court is about 14.366m

Badminton Court Standard Net Height

To make the surroundings clear to the player, they are always post-fixed on the court. Posts must always be about 1.5 m high from the surface of the court and should always remain perfectly vertical whenever the net is tied to it. Situated at the sidelines, whether the game is singles or double games. These posts also always help the players to know where they should not know the extent.

What is the height of badminton net in feet, inches and metre from the ground?

The standard height of badminton net –

  • The badminton net height in feet should be about 5.0 meters, approximately 61 inches and 1.55 meters, at each side of the court.
  • The shuttle net height from ground in the centre of the court should be about 5 feet, approximately 60 inches and 1.524 meters.
  • The shuttle court net height and depth of the badminton net should be about 2.49 feet, approximately 29.9inches and 0.7 meters.
  • The top of the net from the court’s surface should be about 1.52m and 1.55 m from the side lines for doubles.
  • Participants must use legal and safe Badminton equipment which is not much heavy.

The materials used for the badminton net-

The badminton net is generally made up of nylon, the most common material for making cord mesh. However, materials like polyester Vinyl are also used for making badminton nets; since nylon is not much durable as them. The badminton nets for outdoor games are made of nylon which protects them from being water-resistant and is also sturdy and durable. However, for tension in the cord of the Badminton net, materials such as polyester steel and nylon are the most commonly available.

Types of badminton nets available-

Generally, there are three types badminton nets available according to the playing condition: indoor, outdoor and portable.

  • Indoor courts-

As the name suggests, these nets are used for indoor games.

The post is used for indoor nets and is not planted to the ground but lifted with the help of a t-bar mechanism giving them stability and adjustment depending on the surface level.

  • Outdoor courts

Similar to the indoor courts, these nets are used for outdoor matches. But the net has to be strong enough to survive the weather. Therefore, the materials used for this type of net should be sturdy and weather-resistant. The outdoor post is fixed against these, which are inserted into the ground vertically and precisely.

  • Portable courts

Portable types of badminton nets are often used for recreational activities. Therefore, they are inexpensive and can be e carried anywhere. This net includes two posts that can be easily uprooted from the ground and keep the net in proper tension and weight.

Badminton safety regulations-

  • Participants must warm up before performing stretching exercises before playing, which will prepare them to limit the potential health risk damage caused due to pulling or strain.
  • They should always maintain the specific rules for safe playing on the courts- their phone there should always limit the number of players according to the Court size.
  • The participants must also ensure that the space and speech boundaries allow them space for safe movements.
  • Medical care should be required when accidental bumps or racket swing collisions occur between players.

Wrapping Up

Due to the current pandemic, many teenagers have lost the ambition to play outdoor Sports. Therefore, guardians and teachers should encourage them to keep sportsmanship alive along with the benefits of playing badminton. There are a lot of things one needs to know about Badminton, beginning from badminton court size and net height to all the ways of playing it. It is very much encouraged that everyone starts playing it.

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