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Seeing Marriage in Dream meaning in Hindu Mythology

Dreams are what keep us motivated.

This is an undeniable truth of our lives. We all live to chase our dreams. Life would be so much meaningless if we will not have any dreams. Well, this is enough about realistic dreams. Today, in this article, we will tell you the reason behind your dreams, more specifically when it is about marriage. Yes! A marriage.

Marriage can be the most beautiful or the most painful memory of someone’s life depending upon the changes in life after the event. This was the real-life fact about marriage but have you ever woken up on a fine morning because you couldn’t figure out why you had a dream about marriage ceremony even when there is no marriage ceremony taking place anywhere near you? Yours. Or maybe somebody else’s.

If you looking for your marriage dream interpretation in Hindu mythology, this is the right place.

Many people have claimed seeing marriage in a dream in many ways. Here we have picked up the most usual along with their interpretation:

Attending someone else’s marriage

If your dream was about someone else’s marriage, then it surely is a bad sign of something terrible coming your way. It may be regarding your family or anyone close to you. According to Hindu mythology, if you attend some wedding ceremonies in your dreams, it clearly means a terrible fate. In some cases, it has resulted in accidents leading to deaths as well. The most one can do is be cautious although dreams and their interpretations are inevitable.

Why did you see your own marriage in your dream?

Looking for the meaning of your own marriage in a dream? Don’t worry. Seeing own marriage in dream meaning is not at all bad. In some way, it means that you need a partner to help you get over your solitude. If you have recently seen yourself getting married then you should get married in real life as well. If your bride or bridegroom was happy during the ceremony, it means that your married life will be a happy one or vice versa. In either case, Good luck and Congratulations!

What does it mean when you dream of a grand wedding?

Again we bear good news to you with the interpretation of this dream. If you dream of a really grand wedding then it’s good news because a dream about a grand wedding, according to Hindu mythology, means that you will have a good sudden hike in your career. It may be in your reputation, post or salary. Clearly, you are going to rise. Again, Congratulations!

What does it mean when you dream about losing a wedding ring?

What? Did you lose your wedding ring in your dream? Wait! You really need to ask yourself if you want to get married because losing a wedding ring in a dream means that you are not sure about the wedding or your partner. You have doubts about the person you are getting hitched with so you better be clear with them before the ceremony takes place and then nothing is inevitable. Thank you dream later.

Why do you dream about wedding accessories?

Some people have claimed to see wedding accessories in their dreams like wedding dresses, anklets, bangles, rings and even hair buns. You need not worry about this dream. this dream is just an indication that your married life is going to be a good one. It means nothing else except for the indication of a good married life and respect from your better half in future.

Dream about a childhood friend’s at a wedding

If you dream about your childhood friend getting married to someone, it is a good indication. You really like them and expect your spouse to have their qualities. It’s time you either tell that friend or start finding the type of person they are for you. The good thing about this dream is that you know what type of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Go ahead!

Different people dream about different things including weddings. The most common wedding-related dreams have been explained above but if we missed to mention a certain type and you are looking for its answer, kindly contact us so that we update the post for better results.

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