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Say No To Harmful Chemical Colors – Play Holi With Natural Colors

palash flower and parrotHoli, the colorful and most famous festival in India, bids goodbye to winter season and heralds the season spring. Holi perfectly matches the insurrection of spring colors in full flourish and in advance it was enjoyed by making colors from the beautiful flowers blooming at that specific time and also herbs, etc. The aromatic smell of natural and herbal colors even beneficial value and were useful for our health and skin. But according to the time, natural and herbal colors have been changed by synthetic or chemical based colors to the amount that most of the Holi colors available in the market are industrial dyes or oxidized metals that can be harmful for your skin and give negative impact. All these damaging colors are toxic and can affect in anything from cancer to skin allergies, irritation in the eye to temporary blindness and a lot more. At the time washed, they come in our water and dust, and reason even more toxic waste.

List of Harmful Colors and Effects – Holi 2022 Tip

It is strongly suggested that it is very damaging to play Holi with noxious and chemical prepared colors. There are many harmful chemical available in the holi colors that you can’t even imagine. Take a look of holi colors and its damaging chemical:

Black Color: The Black color of Holi comprises the “Lead Oxide” chemical that deteriorates the kidney and can be a main reason of diseases related to kidney.

Green Color: Green color is prepared from “Copper Sulphate” that can be a good reason of burning sensation and swelling in the eyes and even reason of temporary blindness.

Silver Color: Silver color comprises “Aluminium Bromide” and it can give an improvement to cancer disease.

Blue Color: Blue color made from harmful “Prussian Blue” chemical that can be a good reason of skin problems.

Red Color: Red color made from “Mercuric Sulphide” chemical, which can improves the danger of skin problem and skin cancer.

Therefore, it is very injurious to play Holi with these harmful and damaging colors made form chemical. It is, so, very useful to play Holi with herbal colors. In the past people prepared Holi colors from Palash flowers and it has its medical effect also. This amazing flower keeps the seven colors as well as body’s dhatus in equilibrium, keeps safe the skin and improves the resistance power of body against heat.

This flower grows at medium sized tree, which is growing to the limit of 15 m tall. The Palash flowers are approx 2.5 cm long, red-bright orange in color, and formed in racemes up to the length of 15 cm long.


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