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Celebrate The Festival of Colors

Holi, the color festival, is enjoyed in the Phalgun month. Even known by the name of Phagwah, it is the day of full moon in Phalgun which ushers in the season spring in India. It is even a wonderful celebration of the crop season. The holi festival obtains its name from the Holika, the Puranic story. She was the sister the Hiranyakashipu, demon-king. The ruler selfish as he was, preferred that everybody in their kingdom love them alone.

A lot to their ire, he start that their son, Prahlada, was a worshipper of Lord Vishnu. Then, Hiranyakashipu make a decision to kill their son Prahlada in involvement with their sister. Holika had been blessed a boon which gave them the power to stay natural by fire. To attract Prahlada into the fire, Holika comfortably sat them on their lap and mock to play with them even as Hiranyakashipu ordered their men to set the position where they sat on the fire. In their sinister project to kill the devotee of Lord, Holika was completely burned to ashes even as Prahlada came out unharmed.

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One more reason why Holi is important is its connection with Raasleela, the Heavenly Dance which performed by Lord Krishna for the gopis , their devotees in Vrindavan on this particular day.

The festival ‘Holi’ arrives from the “Hola” word that indicates sacrifice. And the celebration is a prompt that we have to live our lives in the spirit of sacrifice and service.

Holi indicates win of our privileged aspirations above our lower, base wishes. It is the blazing of our little, material wishes at the altar of our objective of self-growth. It symbolize for the wish of good over iniquity, a subject which works through each Indian festival. For it is not possible that those people who live their lives by reality will ever be conquering by the fraudulent.

One more important part of Holi is its fun and joy. Contrary to general perception, religion is about getting pleasure from life to its best. The religious life is not just providing our possessions but finding out higher, enduring joys. It is a trail filled with destiny and moments of pure joy showed in the Lord Krishna’s life.

Therefore, the religion that Vedanta speaks is not just meant for ascetics in the Himalayas. It is a viewpoint that is predestined for women and men of the accomplishment. It is an exciting, living awareness that allows us to make life a festivity. Thus Holi, we have to keep in mind to bring the color into people’s lives by applying the Vedanta principles.


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