What Should be the Right Age to Send your Kid in Preschool


It has always been a tough task for the parents to decide a generalized right age for the kids to send in preschools. It is a big concern of keeping the little angel to give in the hands of a proper care group. So, it is very much important that they look for a group care which is developmentally oriented and that too pretty early.

Most preschools as the preschools in Powai start the enrolment in the age group from 3 years to 4 years old. There is no generalised age to join preschool. There are some other factors apart regarding children’s age which determines the appropriate age to start preschool for your kid.

Usually, parents enroll their kids within the 2-3 years. But at certain times it has been found that the child may not be mentally prepared to adapt to the environment away from home before the age of three.

How to have a Look Towards your Kids:

Since majority of the preschools will allow the kids at least 2 and half years of age to attend but this practice does not indicate that every child can attend preschool as soon as they reach this age. Since every child grows differently not only physically but also socially and emotionally, so it becomes essential for the parents to have moment and think.

Here is a list of factors which has to be taken care:

  • Self reliability: Parents must observe whether their kids is somehow a bit self reliable or not. The activities like  eating, drinking, using the toilet, sleeping alone, etc. which are the basic skills are doing by their own kids or not.
  • Communicating with others: At this age group kids might not feel comfortable with the unknown ones in the absence of their parents. There are many preschools in Powai where discussions are done with the parents regarding these facts.
  • Activities as a fun: In different playschools as playgroup schools in Mumbai, many group activities has been arranged. For the kids, it is very important to participate in these activities. This will help them to communicate with other kids and might get comfortable after a certain. But they are not interested in it taking the age factor, makes it difficult for them to go and enjoy their preschool life.
  • Physically ready: Different playschools as also for the, there is going to be the arrangements of different activities such as art and painting, field trips, playground to enjoy, etc., which means moving all around actively. If an individual is not that much active or taking naps then it might not be the perfect time for their parents to enroll.
  • Individuality: If a kid is interested in alone solving puzzles, doing paint then it is going to be the good sign. Since these playschools as playgroup schools in Mumbai, have many solo activities which need good concentration and focus to perform. This will make them busy in these preschools and might get comfortable with the passing time.
  • Health Conscious: You, the parents have to take some time and decide if your kids are sensitive with the infections or prone to be sick easily. If these happens then it’s better to wait for a while for your kids to start their preschool life.

Of course all the preschools as an example of preschools in Powai will benefit the kids with different skills such as developing social and emotional behaviour, make them acquire languages, preparing for kindergarten and many more. The best results one can get by visiting ProEves. This will to find out the best preschools nearby you. Age might not be the biggest factor regardless the factors which might impact a lot. If you want to know more about Why preschool is better than daycare then visit here.


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