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(FREE ) Top 5 Sites for Online File Converters with Pros and Cons

If you are looking to convert your data files from one format to another, do not go searching for it or downloading it. we have brought together the 5 best websites where you can convert files online without the need of downloading and installation.

Nowadays, data format conversion has become very lucid, with only a drag and drop option. Users have willingly bid adieu to various conversion software applications for converting files now requires only an active internet connection. File format conversion is now possible from any given devices, one does not require to get on a PC to get their work done.

Let’s go ahead with the top 5 sites for converting files online, and for free.

  1. Online Convert Free

This list would be incomplete if this gem of a website wasn’t mentioned. It makes it to the top five of the best conversion websites and for good reasons. The is a place where you get it all. it converts document files, image files, audio files, books, and archive.  You will not have to go anywhere else to convert your files, for the Online Convert Free website has it all. It includes everything from BMP, PNG, FLAC, Zip, RAR, FB2, MOBI, Word, HTML, etc


  • It is absolutely free
  • Converts every type of file format
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Good quality conversion
  • No software installation needed


  • It does not convert video file formats
  1. Online Convert

The Online Convert website is another great free converter. It is a hub for all types of file. This website converts audio files, video files, archive files, eBook file, image files, and document files. Additionally, it also works as a web service converter and a hash generator. How amazing is that?


  • It is free
  • Supports all kinds of formats
  • It has a wide range of file converters
  • No software installation needed


  • None, as of yet
  1. Convertio

Convertio is a good online converter of different file formats. Popular conversions on this website are PDF TO JPG, PDF TO DOC, PDF TO XLS, MP4 TO AVI, AVI TO MP4, PDF TO XPS, MKX TO MP4 and JPG TO PDF. These are the most popular conversion among the others. here, you can convert a video file, an audio file, a presentation, an archive file, photos, and a font converter as well.


  • It is free
  • Converts many file formats
  • Drag and drop option available


  • There are premium conversion options
  1. Free File Convert

Free file convert is a very easy-going website where a user can convert different types of files in one place. This website supports 8337 different conversion combinations of video, image, document, archive, audio, eBook, presentations, archive and font file types.


  • It is free
  • It supports almost every kind of file conversion format
  • Good quality conversion


  • Requires a three-step process for conversion
  • Less informative
  1. File Converter Online

File Converter Online is another great website for file conversion, easily. Apart from conversion, a user can also create GIFs and compress PDF files. It has a very lucid processing. A user will only have to choose a file/file type and select the conversion format. Done! It is easy to get work done here.


  • Easy to use
  • It is free
  • Converts multiple files at once
  • A wide range of conversion option


  • No drag and drop option
  • Takes a while to convert multiple files at once

Well, that is all for the top 5 of the best online converters. These websites are easy to use and do not require any hidden charges to convert files. They are secure and trustworthy, so you should try them out.

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"Be Human, Love Nature" I am a SEO Professional from India.

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