A Brief Guide to Buying a Gold Necklace

Gold is one of the precious metals used in making jewellery. It is a beauty enhancer. There are a variety of types of gold available in the market: quality and design-wise. The attire and wardrobe of the Indian women are never completed without a gold necklace. There is a wide range of gold necklaces available in the market. But this precious ornament comes with a high price value, and people always get fooled by buying it at a very high price or either hybrid metal.

Here are some buying tips for Gold Necklace.

Check the purity of gold

The very first step is to check the purity of gold, check the hallmark on it. The agency which is responsible for this purity mark in India is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The hallmark tells us about the correct proportion of gold in it. Different countries have different marks, like finesses in the US.

Always cross-check the price

The price of gold varies daily. One gets the rate of gold on the date the person buys the jeweller. To get the price, check the purity of gold & calculate the price from the international bullion.

 Negotiate charges

The total cost of the jewellery involves labour cost & gold price. The gold price cannot be negotiated, but the labour price can be. Try to negotiate the labour cost, and you will be able to get cheap jewellery of high quality.

 Studded jewellery

Studded jewellery may look beautiful, but buying it involves lots of headaches. First of all, it is hard to check the quality of the stone. Second, this jewellery is extremely costly. Buy them only from reputed jewellers. Rest jewellers might sell you fake jewellery.

Don’t buy the jewellery without the bill

Some people buy the jewellery without a bill and get stuck in trouble when they resell it or exchange it. Always ask for the bill.

Gold Necklace Designs

A locket pendant

There are various locket designs in the market. This jewellery is for the women who are willing to look dressy but unwilling to wear jewellery. This necklace looks very classy, subtle and improves the beauty of the one who wears it. You can pair it up with small earnings too.

A set of heavy gold necklace

Heavy gold sets are always trendy in fashion. If you often go out for a party, then it will be a great investment financially, and you can go for this option.

A set of a lightweight necklace

If your budget is tight & you don’t want to spend heavily on a heavy necklace, then you can opt for these types of lightweight necklaces. Glamour and glitz are associated with this lightweight necklace and earnings without your outfit heavy.

A necklace of mundane gold

Any bridal outfit is incomplete without this Kundan necklace. As it becomes more famous and desirable due to the appearance of this necklace in Bollywood movies. The original Kundan jewellery is handmade.

A floral gold necklace design

These necklaces are in the race for the top ten jewellery patterns to follow. These floral gold necklace designs. It is embellished with diamonds and precious stones.

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