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One Day Trip to Udaipur – Sharing my Experience

I hope this is not too late to share the experience with you people. I was too happy to hold back my emotions but unpacking and getting back to work had me tired enough to share my one day in Udaipur experience. Yes, I was at Udaipur last week, the city of lakes, situated in the largest state of India by area, Rajasthan. It was a dreadful yet amazing experience. I went to various places and enjoyed so much. Ok, so let’s move step by step. Here goes my detailed experience of that one trip to Udaipur. You can also take help of local search engine of Udaipur named as Udaipur Darpan.

Planning one day trip to Udaipur

Planning can be a dreadful thing, particularly when you are too busy. My job usually keeps me occupied. Most of the time, I’m already travelling here and there but that is only because of my job. I don’t get to enjoy or visit places, I go, attend the meeting and come back. A few weeks back, my husband and I were sitting in front of the TV, watching suryavansham for the umpteenth time because he loves it and I don’t like to create a mess with our bonding. Girls and women out there might understand. That is when it struck our minds, more specifically, his. The IDEA! He proposed that we visit Udaipur because he knows my obsession with lakes. Guess who said a yes regardless of the jet lag? Me! Of course. this idea really gave me a sense of relief because I needed a break from my boring job of a flight attendant.

I jumped onto the couch out of excitement and hugged him. He was happy to see me happy. This plan came out of nowhere for no reason. He just said and I agreed.

Within no time, we had packed. Yes, we had, without any preplanning.

We booked the flight tickets for the very next day and left in a hurry. Believe me, the tickets cost us a fortune but that was on him.

In the next two hours, we reach Udaipur.

After reaching Udaipur

Ok, it is acceptable that we were totally clueless because who had this Udaipur one day your plan? I mean, what is even a plan? I didn’t. Neither did he. So the very first thing that we had in our minds was to look for a good and cheap hotel. We didn’t want to spend much on our stay. We prefer shopping. Thanks to Chittor Darpan where we found this really amazing hotel at cheapest rates possible. When on a one day trip, who has time to check in hotels and freshen up? No one but I anyway had to do that. We needed to look good for our adventure ahead. I and my husband are so particular with our looks. So, we were finally all set for our explore.

Places we visited in Udaipur in One day

As I have already mentioned, Udaipur is the city of lakes, so we visited the lakes. Yes, a few palaces too. This suryavansham lover is a historic architecture lover too. That movie itself is history now. JK! Here is how it went ahead:

Lake Pichola:

We started with Lake Pichola which was closest to our hotel. We had to hire a guide all the way who helped us with his guidance and also bored us with some history which in some way, was interesting too. We got to know that Pichola Lake was created in 1362 AD and it is an artificial freshwater lake. The Lake was named after a nearby village Pichola because this Lake quenches the thirst of Pichola people. Wow! He suggested that we visit the village too but we barely had any time so we postponed it to the next trip which I don’t really know will happen. This lake was beautiful like heaven. When the rays of the sun fell on it(did I forget to mention that we hired an early morning flight and we reached Udaipur at 5:00 am? So now it was around 6:00 am), it shone like a thousand diamonds. The glister made us go numb and we were only adoring the beauty of this Lake. Soon we had to leave for our next spot, which proved to be more beautiful,

Lake Palace:

Did you know that Lake Palace is not just a Lake but a Lake turned hotel? I too had a hard time believing it. It is a former summer palace of the Mewar’s royal dynasty. It spans over an area of 4 acres. What a royal hotel it is! I immediately started feeling bad for the fact that we did not rent a room in this hotel. So this happened:

I started nudging my husband and criticising him for not having a plan for our trip. Turns out, we decided to extend the trip for one more day. For that, we rented a room in this royal hotel and spent the next day here, resting. Before that, we also visited a few places you must know.

Jag Mandir Palace:

This Palace is built within lake Pachkola only. Yes, we came back to visit it because the trip was extended now and we had so much more time. How immediately a one day trip turned into a two-day trip can let you feel that you really don’t have anything? Well, I need to stop beating around the bush.

So, we went to the Jag Mandir Palace. What a royal thing man! I also need to control my too much exclamatory explanations. This palace is also known as Lake Garden Palace. I don’t know if I will be remembering the name in future or not. What amused me was the fact that royal people also had their party places. Like this palace was used as a summer resort by the royals for arranging parties and fun. Woah!

Ok, that’s it. I was tired and so we went back. My husband picked up the stuff from our previous hotel in the meantime, I went shopping. This is one thing no woman can ever miss. Neither did I.

Shopping at the Tibetan Market:

This market was closest to Hotel Lake Palace so I chose to pick up a few essentials from here. What do I mean by essentials? Oh! Just the normal Jaipuri stuff- a Jaipuri Kurti, Jaipuri turban for my husband, Jaipuri bellies, a Jaipuri dupatta, two Jaipuri skirts and some more that I can’t really recall. That’s it. I was too tired to wait anymore before lying down on my royal bed.

After the power nap …

Did I again skip to mention that we love to stay fit and healthy? This is one of the reasons due to which I did not mention all that I ate in the market because I know he will read this blog for sure. Oopsie! I think I just mentioned something illegal. Lol!

So, the fitness freak couple decided to go for an evening walk but this happened before we went outside: the valet asked us if we needed any help and we told him that we were just heading out for a nice walk. He suggested that we try this gym which allows the travellers to workout at the least price possible. We were amazed again! So, we went over there and this imaginary building really existed. It is called the Daesthetic gym. The staff was very polite and they also let a trainer help us with the too much modern tools that we had never seen. After the workout, we had a steam bath(they don’t allow people of the same sex at the same time but we said that it was our anniversary and they let us in. Shh!). It was a mesmerizing experience for both of us. I am still in wow of it. And oh! here’s the link to the official website of DAesthetic Club. ( Best Gym in Udaipur city )

The second day …

We spent the next day sleeping because the previous one left us too tired plus, I wanted to enjoy the royal treatment of the hotel. And… hitting the gym. Of course, we loved the experience. At night, we had our flight so we had to wave goodbye to the city. I’m surely coming back here. (cries)

My Best Experience of the Trip

Although from the very beginning of the trip, I was excited still this one thing made me the happiest: DAesthetic Club gym. Who could have imagined that you can have your own gym for a couple of days even when you are travelling. This is really the best part of my one-day Udaipur trip. I’m definitely coming back to this city next summer for the gym.


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