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A Contemporary Version Of Grace: Designer Floor Length Anarkali Suits

Anarkali gowns are fabulous contemporary pieces of clothing loved by girls and women. Fashion changes time-to-time but this evergreen dress is a timeless beauty. However, styles are innovated and introduced for the latest style statement. These changes add grace and craze to the Anarkali salwar suits. Designers have enhanced the fabric by making it unique and apt for today’s fashion.
You should always be experimenting with unique styles. Full-length Anarkali suits are trendy and prevalent. They come in a wide range: Front slit Floor-length Anarkali, Long Anarkali gown style, and frock patterned.
To do this piece of beauty, you need a great fashion sense. For a royal look accessorize yourself well.

Why Floor Length Anarkali?

Anarkali suits are a buzz in the Indian and Foreign markets. Flip any fashion magazine or just go through Instagram, and you will see top Bollywood heroines and fashion designers donning this outfit.
Full-flared Anarkali gowns are an amalgamation of modern and ethnic wear. It looks like a gown but actually, it is a suit. The long kurta is comfortable and perfect for every moment. You may take a dupatta for a complete look.
Therefore we recommend you an add-on to your wardrobe! We @Baisacrafts bring you a fresh, breezy, and trendy Anarkali sets
collection. A one-stop destination for your online shopping.

How has Floor Length Anarkali got Popularity in recent years?

The Mughal courtesans performed Mujra (an entertaining dance form) in Mughal durbars to entertain emperors. While performing they wore long flowy floor-length suits known as Mujra dresses. That was later named Anarkali (Floor length) in memory of a beautiful courtesan: Anarkali.
Being a flowy, comfy, and eye-catchy dress it is a perfect outfit for parties, marriages, and other events. With sheer fabrics, they look super chic.

Are Ethnic Gowns Apt for All Body Types?

Ethnic dresses are for all! It can be pulled by everybody and looks good on chubby to slim bodies. A jacketed dress provides a slimming effect. Slit gowns and georgette fabric is perfect partywear.
If you are ready to have fun with your closet go for backless or spaghettis embellished Anarkali kurtas for head turns. Classic gowns or sheer kurtas are perfect to enhance your waist area. It depends on your choice what you prefer. Anarkalis can hide your flaws if worn smartly!

Different Patterns of Anarkali Gowns:

Floor Length Anarkali comes in various patterns and styles. Decide yourself by viewing these fabulous patterns:

Circular Pattern: Circular pattern has a nice umbrella pattern. It has two pieces: a corset and a circular skirt. It is paired with tight churidars or pants. Chiffon, georgette, silk, and cotton are the best-suited fabrics. It is a body-fitted dress to bust and flared downside.

Layered Anarkali: By name we know it has layers. It generally has two layers. Layers are stitched to form frills and give a multilayer appearance. They are made from similar color families.

Why you should Buy Anarkali Online?

Buying Anarkali sets can be tricky but if you are a little cautious it is the best mode. How? let us find out:

  1. An Exposure to Different Patterns and Styles: If you are not willing to shop through local stores. Online buying is the best. You have lots of options to select from.
  2. Choose the best fabric: Sometimes we want specific fabrics. Favorably georgette, net, silk, and organza are best for weddings. They look luxurious. With description boxes and styled models, you can pick one best suited.
  3. Varieties of Colors to Choose From: You will be spoiled with color sections on online platforms. They have everything you need. From golden to pastels, from hot pink to champagne.
  4. Proper Suit Lengths: Anarkali suit lengths are mentioned in the description box. Size and fit are just no issues. Many websites provide alteration and stitching facilities too. Always pick Anarkalis after measuring the height and length of the product so that it is a ready-to-wear dress.
  5. Plenty of Designs: You will find plenty of options to choose from. Indian market is filled with several Anarkali designs. From traditional silk, Anarkali set to Anarkali Gowns you have everything you desire. This wedding season beautiful Anarkali gowns are in vogue.


Anarkali Gowns are simple, comfortable, and breezy outfits. Full-Length Anarkali is elegant, hence loved by all. It is appropriate for daily wear as they are super comfy. They are the first preference of ladies on special occasions. You can style them with long jackets, coats, or capes to add oomph.
A notable feature of Anarkali is contrasting/ color blocking vibrant colors. Embroideries and ornaments add a feather to the dress. Gota’s work, sequins, stone studs, and zardozi’s work is aristocratic and adroit.


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