Stylish Outfit Ideas for the 9-day Navratri Festival 2022

Indian festivals are all about celebration and colors.  Navratri is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. People gather with their friends, family, and colleagues to celebrate the 9 day festivals. The Navratri festival is fun and has a variety of special Indian dishes. The only difficult thing about this festival is deciding what to wear on the days and nights.

Here are some famous and cultural Indian attire you should wear on the special holiday

Embroidered Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree has been worn for Indian cultural festivals for centuries. It is appropriate for conservative occasion and rituals. Since festivals require glam and color, you can wear a heavily embroidered choli with this outfit. Bright colors like red, blue and green will be perfect for a night in the Navratri festival.  The outfit is designed to create a minimal border at the waistline and create a long flowing lehenga skirt

A Palazzo suit

A Palazzo suit for navratri festivalYou certainly want to try out the palazzo look during the Navratri festival. It is modern, stylish and sophisticated. There are many ways to style palazzo pants but for a festival like this, you should definitely wear it with a flaring kurti. The flare of the kurti will match the silhouette of the pants to create a gown-like effect. Wear a colorful flaring kurti from Stylecaret and match it with floral print palazzo pants.  Remember to style your bag and shoes according to the color scheme of your outfit.

Do not forget the dupatta

The dupatta is traditional and will match well with almost all outfits. You can wear it over a lehenga choli to give it some jazz and create a fashionable look. If your lehenga choli is bright and embroidered, choose a dull colored plain dupatta and vice versa. Keep the dupatta centred at the gathers for more saree style look.

The original traditional dress- Gamthi chaniya choli

The original traditional dress- Gamthi chaniya choliEven though the western style has taken over most Indian traditional fashion, it is important to keep some dresses and outfits pure and cultural during special Indian festivals.  The Gamthi Chaniya choli is still most popular traditional dress in India.  The basic Gamthi chaniya choli is hand embroidered and the lehenga is full of fares.  One of the most traditional cholis had bare backs and low necklines. A sheer dupatta will complete this look stunningly and give it a modern touch. Wearing this chaniya choli is easy, ensure you have the right fit for our body type and the colors work well with your skin tone.

The magnificent Kanjeevaram saree

The kanjeevaram is a famous south Indian silk saree that is popular for cultural and traditional festivals. This saree comes in many colors and embroidery work.  A block colored kanjeevaram saree is the perfect drape for the Navratri festival.  Since you are dressing for the festivals, you can wear a bright colored print saree with a dull colored and printed tunic.  For a modern look, you can go for bright colored saree with an intricate geometrical pattern intertwined with some golden colors.

The layered anarkali suit

The anarkali suit is perfect for a Navratri festival. A layered anarkali suit has more than one layer at the hemline. The layers create a gown like- anarkali suit. To make this dress more festive, go for an anarkali with a bright color and shining embellishments.

Modern festive anarkali looks are made with heavy colored materials completely covered with sheer to create a fancy and sophisticated look. If you are spending Navratri with your friend and colleagues, this is the best outfit for you.

The famous mirror work jacket

The famous mirror work jacketDesigner dresses like anarkali, lehenga choli and kurti work well with mirror and stone works to create ethnic outfits that give off a great festive vibe.  Pulling off this look can’t be easy; you will need a serious fashion sense to create the perfect ensemble.

Ensure the color on your mirror work jacket matched one of the hues on your dress. For instance, if you are wearing an elegant yellow floor length lehenga choli or anarkali suit, you should match it with a bright colored embellished mirror work jacket with some hint o the same color. This look is perfect with some low or block heels.

Ombre colors are perfect for the Navratri festival

Almost all ethnic outfits look good when multicoloured. The monochromatic look is common during Indian festivals. You can stand out in a crowd by wearing an ombre color on one night of the Navratri festivals. Colors like pink, red, green and purple will look good on anarkali, kurti, saree, and lehenga choli. You do not have to wear a whole ombre look to make the outfits work. You can wear an ombre lehenga with a bright colored choli and matching dupatta and still make this look work.

Have multiple hues on your ethnic outfits

If you are not a fan of embroidery, embellishments and artwork on your lehenga, saree or anarkali dress, you can choose to wear them in several hues.  Multiple hues create a vibrant and ethnic style that will make you stand out during the night celebrations. Warm colors on silk, chiffon and cotton are perfect for these gown-like silhouettes. Lovely colors like pink, green, blue, yellow and red are bright, shiny and perfect celebratory colors.

The a-line lehenga

The a-line lehenga for navratri festivalThis is not like your basic flaring lehenga with pleats.  The a-line lehenga has an A-cut which makes it stand out as a traditional outfit. Since it has minimal pleats, you can wear this in pastel and nude colors.  The A-line design is a perfect fashion statement form a Navratri night with your friends. You can complete this look by wearing bright colored heels and a matching handbag.

Polka dots

Do not be afraid to go out of the norm during thing magnificent holiday. People are used to seeing gold and silver embroidery on their ethnic clothes, go out of the ordinary by wearing modern patterns on your traditional attire. Polka dots are beautiful on traditional gowns such as the kurti gown, saree, sheer anarkali and lehenga choli.  Do not forget to pick the right polka dots for your body size. If you are plus size, pick an outfit with larger polka dots.

Final word

The Navratri festival is a good chance for fashion lovers and creative designers to show off their styles. You can mix both modern and contemporary looks to create different styles during the 9 days of this festival.

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