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Respectful Mother Birthday Wishes Quotes – Update your Whatsapp Status

In this article we are going to share beautiful mother birthday wishes quotes so you can either send as a message or update your whatsapp status with these beautiful birthday wishes for mom.

Hearing a word mom puts wide smile on our face. Mom is that one who take care of us selflessly. She does everything to makes us happy. She can’t see her child in pain. She never complains for anything. She does work 24*7 without asking for relaxation. Her love is unconditional. She never asks for anything. She tries to fulfill our every bit of demand. She never criticizes us for our work. She always show us the right direction, guides us in every phase of life. She is a wonderful combination of warmth, kindness laughter and love. She is a beautiful and hard working person.

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Happy Birthday Mother Wishes Quotes

Mother Birthday Wishes
Mother Birthday Wishes

She looks amazing in her simple looks also.  So, its our duty to make her birthday special and extravagant. Great mom wishes can make any mother’s eyes well up with tears of great joy or put a great, big smile on her face. You have right by your mother. I think we all enjoy watching our MOM beam with joy after reading your birthday greeting for her, so choose your birthday verse carefully.

Happy Birthday Mother Wishes Quotes
Happy Birthday Mother

So this article contains BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR Mother and HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUOTES FOR MOM. so check these BIRTHDAY wishes quotes FOR MOM to make her day memorable.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mother
Happy Birthday Wishes

  • The very first thing which I saw when I opened my eyes after my birth is your beautiful face. You were smiling in that unbearable pain. Thank you for everything. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOM LOVE YOU
  • Even when I don’t see the thought of feeling you puts smile on my face, wishing you happy birthday mom. you are the best.
  • Thanks for mom for tolerating me in every circumstance. sometimes I was pain in the ass. But you have never complained. Happy birthday Momma.
  • I love you Mom and very Happy Birthday to you Mother.

Respectful Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Mother

Respectful Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Mother
Respectful Birthday Wishes

  • For every year of my life, you have easily won the “best MOTHER of the year” award. No one comes even within a mile of winning ways. Wishing you a birthday as great as you are, MOM!
  • Thank you for never giving up on me, when everybody else thought I was bad news. You loved me. Now I am a better and happier person. You are my champion. Mom! happy birthday!
  • My wonder women is my Mom , she is super women and she is my life. I will always love you Mom. Happy Birthday 🙂
  • I am older but I need you more than ever, when the world was against me. You stood for me like a tree besides the river. Thank you for having faith in me always. Happy birthday MUMMY!
  • Nobody, including me, ever tells you how amazing you are as mother. Well, MOM I am luckier than the luckiest lottery winner to have you as my mother. Happiest birthday to you.

Very Special Quotes and Wishes for Mother’s Birthday

Quotes and Wishes for Mother's Birthday
Quotes and Wishes

  • I have success because you are my mom. I have happiness because you are my mom. I have love because you are my mom. I have everything because I have you as my MOM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
  • When I say there is no other MOM like you. I don’t just mean that you’re kind, loving, gentle, intelligent, inspiring, generous, real and rare friend (plus you’re my mother). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  •   When someone asks the definition of perfection. I just say – MOM! Happy birthday mum!

Unique Quotes for Mother’s Birthday

Unique Quotes for Mother's Birthday
Mother’s Birthday

  • You are more than just a mother to me- you are my teacher, my strength, my teacher, my guidance and my best friend. Thank you for giving me every part of yourself. Happy birthday. MOM!
  • Despite my selfishness and stupidity. You’ve always given me your love, no strings attached. You’re not crazy, so you must be the world’s best mom. yes, that fits. Happy birthday mum!
  • Because you invested all your time, energy and tender, loving care in me, I have a wealth of friendships, family, happiness, honor, respect and love. I’m so grateful that you’re my mother. Happy birthday mom1
  • No star has ever sparkled like you. No angel has ever earned her wings like you. No diamond is as rare as you. There’s no mother like you. Happy birthday. Mom!
  • God works in mysterious ways but I know why He chose you to be my mother. Whatever I am today and whatever I will be tomorrow is because of your love. Mom. happy birthday to the world’s greatest mother.
  • Happy birthday to the greatest friend I will ever have, the most amazing woman I know and an even more awesome mother. I feel blessed to have you as my MOM!

Birthday Quotes for Mom on her Born Day

  • I feel blessed because GOD gave me the most caring and intelligent mom. she is best in every aspect. May your day be full of happy moments, MUM. Happiest birthday to you!
  • There is no pill or spray in the world which guarantees 100% pain relief, like how your warm touch do. Happy birthday mum!
  • You are the reason I smile. You are the reason I laugh. You are the reason I am so happy. Thank you mum for giving everything. Its your born day. So let’s party hard. Happy birthday mummy
  • Your birthday is a miracle. So let’s celebrate this day with joy and enthusiasm. Happy birthday mum.

We hope you would like this collection of Birthday Wishes for Mother  This article contains BIRTHDAY QUOTES FOR MOM, and BIRTHDAY MESSAGES FOR MOM. if you have any doubt or suggestion please let us know and we will surely do it.


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