How to Build Long-Term Relationships with Real Estate Clients

Real estate agents who often work with many clients on the same property are always looking for ways to build long-term relationships with clients. Through building relationships over time, the agent can expect to develop repeat business, referrals and long-term clients. 

Building these relationships helps the agent open up a pipeline to new clients and prospects. When their current clients refer friends and relatives, they will likely ask their agent to contact them. 

By building relationships with long-term clients, the real estate agent will see a surge in new business. This post will provide strategies for real estate agents to build and maintain long-term relationships with past clients.

Stay Connected Via Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places for real estate agents to connect with potential and existing clients. By expanding their social media contacts, they help to maintain long-term relationships with their past clients. 

Agents can connect with clients by liking and commenting on the photo and video posts. If the prospect is a past client, request them to update their status and post photos of the agent from their visits to show how happy they were with the services. 

When recommending friends and family for advice on property marketing, agents can also use hashtags. Sharing links about real estate news, market trends, and special offers on property listings can help the agent stay connected to clients.

Invite Them to Client Events 

Inviting past clients to the local real estate market can help build relationships with potential clients. Clients attending open house events can share their awesome experiences when you were their real estate agents to potential buyers, which will help build your brand. 

They are also able to answer any real estate questions from potential clients. The events also provide an opportunity to approach past clients and potential clients who have not bought a property from them yet. 

When meeting with past clients and potential buyers, the agent can offer them a tour of upcoming community events such as block parties or neighborhood festivals that are good opportunities to catch up.

The real estate agent also needs to take note of the kind of events that his clients enjoy. He can use this information when organizing events for them and inviting them to attend an event that matches their interests. For example, if the client loves golf, he can plan a golf tournament in his community and invite past clients and potential buyers.

Send a Thank You Card

After closing a deal or any other successful real estate transaction, send thank you cards to your past clients. You can enclose the signed deals for them and add a personal note of gratitude for choosing to work with you. 

They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be encouraged to continue working together in the future. Always include the deal number in the mailing address to track how many deals you have sent.

Send Direct Mail Postcards 

Postcards are still a great way to get acquainted with past clients and potential clients. Send direct mail postcards to your target audience every time a home you sell gets listed and sold, in addition to social media posts. 

You can send postcards to remind them of their old property details like the address, phone number, and the units sold. When the real estate agent visits their properties, he can exchange brochures of the properties for sale. You will build a brand for yourself and your real estate firm by sending a postcard to potential clients.

Be a Valuable Source of Information

Provide your clients with valuable information about the local real estate market. Keep them updated about upcoming events, property listings, market trends, and tips on how to sell their properties. 

If they require home repairs, you can also recommend reputable companies to them. Whenever they need any information you can help with, do not hesitate to assist them in any way possible. Your clients will appreciate your services and refer more friends, family members, and co-workers to you.

Send Out a Client Newsletter 

A client newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with past clients. Through this medium, you will receive updates and news about their properties. You can also provide advice, tips, and updates about your client’s interests to better market the properties. 

The newsletter can be sent through email or posted to your website, which will be accessible to clients and prospects. Through this medium, you can also build an extensive database of past customers who trust you and refer new clients to you in the future.

Send Referral Packages

Sending referral packages to past clients and potential clients will help build your brand and encourage them to refer new businesses your way. Provide a free listing of your listings for them to browse and use as a lead generator for prospective properties. 

Offer special pricing deals on property marketing and add value-added services such as professional photography or floor plans. Please include a letter of introduction stating the perks they are entitled to and ask them to share them with their friends and relatives. The real estate agent can reach out to his past clients and newly acquired clients to watch the listing after it goes live.

Listen to Their Concerns 

An agent’s success in establishing long-term relationships with their clients is aimed at identifying the concerns of their clients. Before meeting with their clients, the agents should have a survey in hand to gather insights into their clients’ needs and preferences before meeting them. 

The survey will help the agent to build rapport when they meet. The agents need to remain focused on the needs of their clients by listening closely and asking additional questions to find out more about their concerns. 

Past clients also have concerns about the local market and their housing needs, and by listening carefully to their concerns, the agent can build trust. The real estate agent should communicate with them regularly and ask how they are doing with the property they purchased. This shows that the agent cares about their real estate clients’ happiness and satisfaction with their purchase.


Real estate agents are vital in promoting the local market and helping it achieve growth. These effective strategies that real estate agents can use to build long-term relationships with past clients will help in their search for valuable new business. 

Maintaining long-term relationships with past clients is crucial because they can help the real estate agent by referring new business to them. When their past clients refer them to new businesses, they receive higher commissions on these deals. 

When their past clients bring them new names and faces, it helps maintain existing relationships, create lasting impressions and establish credibility as a trusted real estate agent who knows the market well. By building strong relationships with past clients, they help improve their brand image.

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