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6 Gifts to Get for Your Friend Whose Birthday Falls in July Month

Are you thinking to get an interesting gift for your friend who has birthday in July? We are here to guide you about ideal presents for those with zodiac signs, Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd), and Leo (July 22nd to August 22nd). As both these sun-signs are distinct, the choices of gifts would differ accordingly. While Cancerians are sentimental, sympathetic, intuitive, affectionate, Leos are action-oriented, warm, posses air of royalty, love to be in the limelight etc.

Based on these traits and aspects of the birth-month July, we have compiled a list of presents, which your July-born friend will definitely admire.

  1. A Basket of Larkspur and Lilies

To wish someone on their special day, what could be better than a floral arrangement? Fragrant blossoms always refresh the surroundings and set the mood. The birth month flowers are lilies and larkspurs for those with birthdays in July. Thus, it will be thoughtful to send flowers and bouquets containing lilies and other assorted blossoms. You can combine roses, daises, and orchids as well to make the gift seem more colourful.

  1. Ruby-Stone Jewellery

The birthstone for July-born individual is Ruby. This precious stone is said to bring prosperity, good fortune and happiness. Ruby, which is also known as the king of precious stones, has royal red hue and can stimulate senses to attract success, love, and wealth. In ancient period, the armour of soldiers was often encrusted with this gemstone. Thus, to convey best of luck and wellbeing to your friend, you can check for some ruby-studded jewellery.

  1. Customized Photo-Album

A customized photo-album may seem too common, but trust us; your Cancerian friend will be charmed by it. Nothing forms a better present than capturing moments of friendship in photos and gifting it along with a greeting card or a personal note. You may beautify the photo-album with paper roses or paints. Bring a box of exotic chocolates along for celebrating the birthday.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Since, the rubies are red, why not concentrate on this colour shade with red velvet cakes. If you plan to send flowers online with cakes, then red velvet variety is perfect. Combine ruby ornaments, and make for a cool gift hamper. A red velvet cake has creamy underlay, and is light and fluffy, melting in mouth within seconds. It is one of the premium cakes and highly preferred on events such as birthdays, weddings, engagements etc.

  1. Sports Items

If your friend is a Leo, he/she would certainly have likings towards a sport or game. You can find out about the sport he/she adores, and purchase accessories and items accordingly. For instance, if the individual is a golfer, then a golf stick would be wise, while those who are fan of soccer may like a pair of sneakers to wear, and a football to play with. Similarly, you can get indoor games along on their birthday party, and add more fun to the event.

  1. Barbecue Kit

Those who have birthday in July often love to explore their hands at cooking, and thus, are culinary experts. Why not purchase them a barbecue kit and probably celebrate the evening barbecuing favourite vegetables and meat. Put a serving tray, barbecue sauce, cutting board, tongs, and hand gloves to protect from heat, other cooking accessories in the gift set, and head to the venue.

If your friend has birthday in July month, then you should look into the above-given gift ideas. You can always make a gift on your own, but never forget to present a bouquet of assorted flowers or good-luck charms, with the item. After all, it is the thought that counts and no one can ever evaluate the bond of friendship based on materialistic value of the present.

Rajesh Jat
"Be Human, Love Nature"

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