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How To Install WordPress on a Domain | WordPress installation guide

How To Install WordPress on a Domain
How To Install WordPress on a Domain

7 Steps To Install WordPress on a Domain

1. Having a domain:

It is important to choose the domain name. There are many companies to purchase a domain, for example, DomainFry.

2. Purchase a webhosting:

Is the virtual place where you will host your website. There are both paid and  free hosting services available. If youre starting your website in a professional way we recommend a paid hosting, for example, Hostgator. Search Free Hosting in Google for free hosting services.

3. Create a database:

After you buy the hosting you will receive your login details for control panel. Once inside go to the Databases section and select MySQL. Now you have to create a new database and a new user and finally add that user to database.

4. Download WordPress

You can download the latest version of WordPress on wordpress.org. Extract the downloaded zip file.

5. Install Filezilla (FTP client):

You can download Filezilla on this website filezilla-project.org . Once downloaded and installed you need to go to site manager, login with your Username and password which you got from your hosting service.

6. Uploading WordPress:

After logging in with Filezilla you will see files on your computer on the left and have the domain files on the right side. In the latter find the folder public_html. Select all files contained in the WordPress folder (in your computer) and drag into the folder public_html.

7. Installing WordPress in the domain:

Finally, go to the browser and type in the domain. Now fill in your Database details which we created in step 3. You can also fill in your website title and Admin username and password.
Once installed you can access the administration panel by typing in the browser yourdomain.com /wp-admin .

NOTE: Many web hosts give you the option of Fantastic Deluxe where you can automatically install WordPress in the domain.




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