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Health is Wealth | Tips for Everyday Health

So here we leave some small tips so you can take care of your health.

1) Leave the cigar: This is something that is obvious to everyone but in turn something that many people find difficult to understand, the cigar is one of the most bad legal drugs for the body and for the planet and that still has been allowed since its inception. If we talk about the human body and its health in general it can increase the chances of being overweight, physical capacity decreases and if we talk about much more serious things it can create cardiovascular, carcinogenic and respiratory diseases.

For many it is difficult to quit smoking since it is a custom they have obtained for a long time (even years) but I assure you that it is not impossible, you can search for articles on the Internet regarding quitting cigarettes and you will find a lot of help for that. In this way you can soon leave something that will not only help your health, the planet but also eventually your pocket.

2) Keep calm and control your stress: Although it seems like a very normal practice or that seems to be unrelated to health, the truth is yes. Whether due to personal situations or work we usually feel stress. The truth is that learning how to handle it is important since this has serious consequences for our health and the worst part is that we don’t realize it. From weight loss or gain, physical and mental exhaustion or even cardiovascular disease.

You can listen to relaxing music for example, try to do some activity that reassures you like exercising, reading or even doing some yoga (Many see it as something mystical or somewhat boring, but I advise you to look for more of it on the Internet, surely you will interest)

3) Put less salt on food: Many people call it “The White Death.” Salt is something that gives an exceptional touch to food, we cannot deny it, most of us not to mention we are used to using it daily in almost all our meals at home. But salt is the cause of about 2.3 million deaths to people with cardiovascular disease in the United States alone.

It is advisable to use it carefully, to replace it you can use different species of condiments or herbs.

4) Eat slowly: This is something that is not spoken much day by day but something that too many people also overlook. The way we eat is corrected, from our position to our way of grabbing the cutlery to be able to elegantly represent our class. But what about our health? The speed at which we eat or the bad habit of chewing food too quickly has led us to a small weight gain over time. Previously we lived less rushed than now, now it became a habit to eat fast but the truth is that this is hurting us.

Chewing slowly will allow your brain to assimilate how much food you are eating, by eating fast it does not pay much attention to it. It is advisable to chew food fifteen times before you can eat it. Good luck with that.

5) Try to sleep well: Unveiling at night because of a job or by simple whim is common today but really this is very, very harmful to our health not only physical but also mental. Altering the sleep cycle too much has consequences in which insomnia or changing eating habits could be mentioned.

You can obviously reveal yourself on special dates, but try not to do it so often, your health is the most important thing. ​

Rajesh Jat
"Be Human, Love Nature" I am a SEO Professional from India.

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