How to Use Google Font API

The Internet is evolving before our eyes. It is remarkable the change that we see from year to year.  Just yesterday, Google was just a search engine. Today it is almost bigger than the universe and is also an API fonts: Font Google API !

What is Google API?

An API, in simple terms, is a remote, quick and easy access to a service provided by another server / application.  How should already have noticed Google has an API of fonts and today we will see how simple it is using it.

It is one of the most overlooked and yet is one of the most visible aspects of the site: the font. The choice of font for our website is often reduced to three or four choices, is Verdana?  Or today we use Arial?  What about Helvetica? Or sans-serif? Sometimes we lose our head and uses Tahoma.  We are limited in the number of font can be utilized as the universal support is limited.

But let’s try the Google API with one of the examples provided by Google itself.  With this API you can use more fonts, other than those supported universally.  We do not need to use images. The fonts appear on the pages as text.

css” href=””>
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As you can see, there are only two important aspects to retain.

* Insert a row in the head tag to the browser to go “grab” the font to the API.

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=””>

Declare the font tag you want:

body {
font-family: Tangerine, serif;
font-size: 48px;

How to use Google API Font?

On page Font Google Directory , choose a font that most interests you.

Preview the font. A good idea is to check the list of characters.

Click the “Get the Code” and you will see that there is code that should put the head tags. And then just declare the font of the information we want.

Link – Google API Font


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