How to Handle Jealousy


Do you hate all the friends of your boyfriend ? Ever think your boyfriend is deceiving you with others? In conclusion, you feel jealous of each and every one of the women who have the slightest relationship with your partner and this jealousy could become a sickness.

Do not be like a mother , that is, do not ask every time where he is, with whom, why again is undoubtedly very stressful. We must learn to leave some personal space to each person.

The talk to other girls is not bad, sure you too often talk with friends. Learn to respect your friends. A good solution is try to understand him better.

You do not need to share hobbies. If he takes some time per week playing sports or doing other activities without you, does not mean you went away from him. Your boyfriend feels the need to be active and interact with others, do not try to hoard 24 hours a day.

But everything has its limits, if you really see that their friendship seems to be more you can start to suspect, but without exaggeration. Because every week playing a football game or taking some notes from college classmate does not mean you are unfaithful.



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