How To Configure uTorrent | uTorrent Configuration


So many people download stuff online using P2P traffic network and one of the most used program for this is uTorrent.

Although this is a very popular program, but the problem is uTorrent and most similar programs have a very slow speed of your downloads.

To try to solve or even ameliorate this problem, here are a few simple steps. If you know how to configure uTorrent for maximum upload and download speed, you can enjoy the full benefit of broadband.

Before going to talk about the configuration, we have to explain that low rates are due to P2P traffic as there is no central server for transferring files between computers.

This means we depend on others, in this case called seeders.

When we are downloading we become leechers. Remember that the more the seeders are there, faster the downloads. It is also interesting because when you complete a download you can become a seeder.

Here is a list of the steps you need to know to optimize uTorrent:

1. Connection Speed Test
2. Adjust uTorrent speed
3. Set Download Speed
4. Encryption Protocols
5. Firewall Settings
6. Configure TCP connections
7. Torrent connections
8. Optimize Internet connection
9. Organize peers / seeds with high speed
10. Finding reliable sites

To understand more and to know each of these steps you can visit the following sites:
uTorrent Official Site



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