How Do You Know If Computer Files Have Spyware


Detecting whether the computers files have spyware can be a difficult task, but there are noticeable changes your computer will make if infected.

Purchasing a internet security software or downloading one can alleviate any problems you have with an infected computer. An anti-virus/anti-spyware software will check for programs that mask itself into the computers processes.

Definition of Spyware

Spyware will gather sensitive information without the users knowledge. Passwords from accounts will be compromised. Privacy is the main concern for users affected with spyware and it will slow down the computers performance.

Disk Defragmenter

A slow computer will have fragmented files and folders. Utilizing Disk Defragmenter will consolidate undefined files and piece it back together. The computer will read and write to the disk faster, making the computer run better. Click Start on the lower left corner of the computer. Hover over All Programs until more menus open up. Point the cursor to Accessories then System Tools. Click on Disk Defragmenter and a window will pop up, then click on Analyze. It will take a few seconds for the report to develop. Once finished, it will recommend you to either Defragment the files or not. See reference 1 to get more information.

Malicious Software Removal

Download this program, so it can remove infections accompanied by spyware. The tool will scan the computer, if any malicious software appears in the report. The program is already installed in all windows. Click on Start, then click Run. A dialogue box will open. At the space provided type mrt to display the removal tool. Make sure your the administrative, it will not let you progress if you have limited access to the computer. Run the program; it can take a few hours for the program to completely scan the computers hard drive. If the program does not display go to the Microsoft Download Center to download the free program. Follow the prompts to properly install the software removal. See References 3 for more information.

Anti-virus Software
Run the anti-virus software installed to the computer; if the computer doesnt have one, download a free anti-virus program from Avast or Avira. See reference 4 to find the free program. Follow the instructions to
install the program. Run a full scan of the computer. The anti-virus will detect if any spyware is located on your hard drive or files and remove them.


If spyware is suspected it may not display the programs which you will need to download. You will need another PC to save the programs onto a CD-ROM, memory stick or SD card and install the programs over to the PC thats been infected.

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