Good vs. Bad Stress

As human beings, we all believe that stress is bad for our health, mind, and relationships. Everyone always tries to opt for a stress-free life. However, the truth is that stress is not entirely bad. There are two types of stress. The first one is bad, which is known as distress. Distress revolves around all the negative experiences, traumas, and sadness. It is enough to make a person’s life living hell. However, on the other hand, stress that is healthy for human success, prosperity, and functioning is eustress like feeling weird in the tummy before giving an interview or excitement about a debate competition or school trip.  However, it depends on an individual capacity to decide whether it’s positive or negative stress. According to some doctor people who have the MTHFR gene defect may suffer with stress. Doctors usually recommend people with MTHFR to take methylfolate 5mg daily to help fight depression and stress.

There are various types of stress. One must know about the problem they are facing to solve it. Keep reading these articles to know more about stress.

·        Environment

When a person changes apartment, city, or workplace, they might feel stressed out because of the change in the environment. It’s generally hard for people to shift into a new environment.

·        Interpersonal

After arguing with your significant other, you might feel extremely stressed about everything. In this type of stress, people feel stressed because of daily negative interactions with other people.

·        Performance

It’s hard to always get an A grade. However, the constant stress to achieve something academically, in sports, or contests. These events can also cause a great amount of stress.

·        Intrapersonal

This is due to your negligence in taking care of yourself. Not eating healthy, unhealthy sleeping habits and the list goes on.

·        Coping skills

Coping skills are mainly ways through which you relieve your stress. Every person has a different pain threshold. That’s why everyone chose different options to get rid of the stress.

Here is a list of some coping skills;

There are various unhealthy coping skills. When people are anxious, stressed out, or depressed, they start taking medicines, drugs, and alcohol. All these things give temporary satisfaction to the patient. However, they make things even worse for the patient.

Know that you can’t solve all the problems. Accept the death problem and try to initiate a healthy lifestyle. This is the harsh truth of life: you can not always do things that can change your past. You can only work for a better present. Don’t sweat yourself thinking about stressful situations of the past and future.

Communication is the key to the success of all relationships. If you are angry with your friend, talk to them about what hurt you. Have a mindful conversation with them. It can strengthen the bond between you. Don’t hesitate to have a conversation. Watch their favorite movie with them, or make a cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

All the practices can be hard, and you might want to give up after one or two tries. However, to make a better version of yourself that is happy, stress-free, and succeeding in life, you must make some positive changes in your life.

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