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GB Whatsapp Messenger Apk For Android – Download Link, Features

Most of us swaying along with the updates of technology can’t even imagine our lives without social media platforms and messaging apps like Whatsapp. Such is the convenience and benefits added to using WhatsApp, that now we rarely send normal text messages to anyone.

Your normal version of Whatsapp is equipped with tons of features. But the question is –are you happy with them?

Or do you wish for more?

If your answer for the latter part is YES, then you must check out the Gb WhatsApp apk for Android right away!

What is the Latest GB Whatsapp 2020?

Well, this not an official version of Whatsapp but a modified version of it.

Atnfas Hoak was the one who developed this Gb mods Whatsapp.

But what’s so unique about it?

Well with this you can get loads of exciting and advanced features which are not found in your normal WhatsApp.

How to get the link for GB Whatsapp APK Download for Android?

If you want to download the Gb WhatsApp apk for Android to enjoy its cool features then visit the official site of Gb WhatsApp. Upon visiting, you will find a detailed guide which would lead you to your downloading and installation processes. You can also directly download it from here.

gb whatsapp apk download

What are the Special features of GB WhatsApp?

There are quite a few GB WhatsApp Features which you can’t find in your regular WhatsApp, like –

  • You can avail multiple WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone.
  • Provides privacy to the users.
  • You can access your multiple accounts at the same time.
  • You can send videos of a maximum size of 30 Mb to your contacts.
  • You can also send up to 50 images via the Gb WhatsApp app at one go.
  • You can opt to view the media even without downloading it.
  • You can wish to hide your name and contact number.
  • This app supports multiple regional languages as well.
  • You can preset the auto-reply function to some or all of your contacts when their message pops in.
  • Without the intervention of a 3rd party software, you can add a security lock to the app.
  • Custom themes which you can download from the server.

These were the distinct features now let’s look at the similar features also offered by WhatsApp.

  • You can hide your last seen.
  • You can also send GIF images.
  • Block and report any account.
  • Live location sharing feature allows you to send your current location to your contacts.

What are its advantages?

If you are the one who tends to use multiple sims simultaneously should benefit from this. With the GB WhatsApp, you can have 2 separate WhatsApp accounts for your dual sims and you can access this on a single Smartphone. Amazing isn’t it? Wait that’s not it! What if you still want to use the official WhatsApp app? Well, you can access your WhatsApp account and GB WhatsApp account side by side, without expecting any error occurrences.

But, is it safe to use GB Whatsapp?

Well, though it looks irresistible enough with tons of attractive features, many people feel that it might pose a threat to your privacy. And certain cases of Official WhatsApp banning users for using a cloned version of it have also been heard.

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