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Funginix: Learn if it Works for Treating Nail Fungus

Some of us know how frustrating it is to have a nail fungus infection. Sometimes, it can even be more frustrating looking for an effective solution to it. One product, Funginix, claims that it can take care of nail fungal infections. How does it differ from other solutions? Does Funginix really work? Before I go into that, let’s discuss other possible treatments.

Other Treatments

Doctors can really prescribe only two treatment methods for nail fungal infections. You could either use topical creams or settle for oral medication.

Does Funginix really work?

Creams are usually used for mild infections. This is partly because creams and ointments are not very effective at all. The nails that partly protect the fungus make it difficult for creams to seep in.

Oral medications are far more effective but they are usually only used for extreme cases of infection. This is because the use of oral medicines can result in terrible side effects. You could suffer from skin rashes or worse, liver damage.

These options hardly leave anything for sufferers who neither have severe or mild infections. This is where the manufacturers of Funginix say they can help. Click here for more info.

What Funginix Can Do for You

Prescription medication is only one type of nail fungus treatment. For some people though, taking medicines is simply not an option. In this day and age, people have become more concerned over health and the dangers of synthetic medicine side effects. For those who do not wish to take medicines, laser therapy or natural treatments can be an option.

Product manufacturers say that you can enjoy a number of benefits with Funginix that you can’t just get from using ineffective creams and potentially dangerous medicines. Here are some of the claimed benefits of Funginix:

· The major benefit a user can enjoy with Funginix is that the product contains only naturally occurring substances. There are no synthetic ingredients and harsh chemicals. You can therefore enjoy nail fungus treatment that has fewer risks of side effects. The nutrients contained in the oil ingredients in Funginix naturally enhance the nails.

· Funginix contains tea tree oil, lemongrass oil and clove oil which are all known to have anti-fungal properties. Aside from fighting nail fungus, Funginix also helps exfoliate excess keratin in nails that have thickened due to infection. Ingredients like sweet almond oil and jojoba oil restore the nails’ natural luster and smoothness.

· The product dries quickly and will therefore not stain sheets or clothes. It also does not smell bad or smell too strongly. Using Funginix will leave you with a clean smell.

· You don’t need a prescription for Funginix so you do not need to go for embarrassing and costly visits to the doctor’s clinic.

· The product is easy to use. You simply have to apply it twice a day with a brush.

· The manufacturers of Funginix offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. A company that is willing to risk its earnings can put you at ease.

What to Look Out For

Funginix seems like a good product to use. Be advised though that you may have to use the product consistently before seeing results. You can easily consume a bottle in three months. You may have to continue product use for a total of six months but visible results can be seen in as little as a few weeks.

The Top Toenail Fungus Treatments Available Today

Toenail fungus treatments can be bought anywhere today. A lot of these nail fungus treatments vary from do-it-yourself home remedies, to prescription drugs as well as natural remedies for it. Most of these remedies may have mixed results with different people, some have even very dangerous side effects that may result in death. But the general rule is that prevention is the best toenail fungus treatment. One must avoid in risk situations such as walking barefoot in public showers, baths, wearing tight-fitting shoes, or sharing nail clippers or files with a person infected. If one has already been infected, immediate treatment is necessary so that it won’t lead to more serious complications.

Here are some of the top toenail fungus treatments available today:

1. All-natural Products – An all-natural treatment such as Funginix has been proven as an effective toenail fungus treatment. It contains an effective formulation of natural oils which have been effective in treating toenail fungus. These include jojoba oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, which have antifungal properties. They don’t have any adverse side effects, unlike other medications. They also have a 30 day guarantee that stipulates you can return your purchase if it doesn’t work.

2. Medical Prescriptions – The doctor may give you prescription medicines as treatment for the toe nail fungus. The 3 approved toenail fungus treatments by the US FDA are terbinafine, itraconazole and griseofulvin. But patients are warned of prolonged use of these medicines since it can lead to heart and liver damage, or even death.

3. Epsom – The use of Epsom salts is also another good way of treating toenail fungus infections. One simply soaks in a footbath with Epsom salt solution every day. Some patients have said that it reduces the swelling of the toe and can make walking with them much more comfortable. This may take a lot of time and patience since it has to be done every day. Most of the time it may take several months for the fungus to be completely eliminated.

4. Household Vinegar – Others have recommended soaking in vinegar as another toenail fungus treatment. Others have added oil of oregano as an alternate treatment. This has to be done regularly though, just like the use of Epsom salts. Just like Epsom salts, some improvement may come in a couple of weeks but it will take a lot of months before it can be healed. Others have reported mixed results with this kind of treatment.

5. Vicks – Another alternative treatment is the use of Vicks vapor rub. A lot of people have recommended it, but still it doesn’t recommend 100% affectivity.

The Advantages of Natural Products

You don’t need to stick with homemade natural cures for toenail fungus [1]. One option is to simply use a natural product for toenail fungus. Natural products contain many of the same natural ingredients used in home remedies. These products however have a natural edge over homemade remedies.

Over the counter products have been made by carefully following a set of manufacturing standards. Reputable manufacturing companies have carefully studied and devised the right procedures and standards to ensure that they have a product that can be used in a particular manner and amount to successfully deal with toenail fungi.

What you have to do is to simply pick the right product like Funginix. Since there are many natural products around, you have to be a very discriminating buyer. Buy a product only if it clearly explains what it contains and how it can fight nail fungi. You should also find out if a product has a good reputation among fellow users.

When you have settled on a product, make sure you use it faithfully. Using too little or skipping days could affect the effectiveness of a natural product. Take note that using any kind of nail fungi treatment requires a lot of patience. You would have to wait for a couple of months before your nail looks normal again.

Most patients who have tried these home treatments recommend them. So it is best that one consults expert medical advice over do-it-yourself approaches. Some treatments may work on some patients, most will not, so it is good that one seeks immediate treatment so that it will not go to the worst case scenario, such as surgery.

Know more concerning the best nail fungus treatment on Funginix website.

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