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Free Mobile Phone in Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana – Steps

There’s excellent news coming in today for all the residents of Rajasthan because the state government of Rajasthan launched a new scheme called bhamashah digital parivar yojana. Now, this scheme is initiated for all those poor people in rural areas who don’t have any mobile phones and internet connection to communicate and get helpful government updates. There are lots of aspects of this scheme because this scheme directly tries to spread the digital awareness movement of central government.

भामाशाह डिजिटल परिवार योजना राजस्थान – फ्री मोबाइल और इंटरनेट के लिए की सहायता – अधिक जानकारी के लिए पूरी पोस्ट को अच्छे से पढ़े, अगर आपका कोई सवाल हो तो please comment करके पूछे.

There are many small towns and villages in Rajasthan where people who are below poverty lines can’t afford to buy a single cell phone, and that’s why most of them are not aware of the what’s happening in the state. The state government of Rajasthan launched bhamashah digital parivar yojana to educate the poor people by connecting them with the digital world, and many experts believe this scheme as a massive step from Rajasthan government. If you’ve heard about this scheme and don’t know how to apply for this then here you will find all the details about how to get free mobile in bhamashah digital parivar yojana? Or who can avail this scheme etc.?

Features of Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana

As the same, this scheme has been launched by the government of Rajasthan to promote the digital literacy among below poverty line peoples who reside in rural areas. However, here you can check these critical features of this brilliant new yojana.

Digital Awareness– Under this scheme the state government of Rajasthan trying to connect all the rural peoples of the state with the digital world by giving them free mobile and internet connection. One of the essential aspects of this yojana is that now many people who are too much poor to can’t even buy a mobile phone can buy with the government’s assistance.

Monetary Assistance– State government will give be giving rs 1000 to the eligible person under this yojana. However, Rs 1000 will be credited directly to the applicant’s bank account by the government in two steps. In the first phase you will receive rs 500 for purchasing the mobile, and in second phase you will get final Rs 500 for acquiring an internet connection.

Digital Education– One of the main reason why this scheme is implemented is that all the poor peoples who can’t afford to connect with digital world can now join and get to learn about everything they need. There is still no medium of digital payments in many rural parts of Rajasthan and with this yojana that issue can be solved.

Steps to Get Free Mobile Phone in Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana

Many people don’t know the exact procedure on how to get Free Mobile Phone in Bhamashah Digital Parivar Yojana, and that’s why in here you will find all the details regarding the eligibility and application procedure.


Resident–  Only those persons who hold residential status in Rajasthan can get enrolled under this scheme.

BPL– Only those people can apply who comes under below poverty line. Those families who belong to BPL can avail this scheme, and if you don’t know about your income status then you can read the rules regarding BPL criteria in Rajasthan here-

Bhamshah Card– If your family holds the Bhamshah card then only you will be eligible to apply for this yojana.

Application Procedure

Those applicants who are eligible and wants to avail this scheme can get the application form from the nearest district development office. You will have to provide all the prescribed information which you can submit at the district office. Since the scheme is for awareness of the digitalisation rural areas all the forms are available in offline mode.


So this is the brief and precise detail about the latest bhamashah digital parivar yojana. If you liked this article or have any queries regarding this yojana, then ask that by leaving a comment on this post.

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