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CTET 2020 Examination Syllabus, Exam Pattern & Download Admit Card

One of the most prestigious and reputed jobs a person could have in their life will always be a teacher. There are so many people who are well educated in our country but very few of them are willing to get into the teaching profession and if you’re an aspirant teacher who is preparing for CTET exam then in this article I’ve written everything relating to CTET 2020 examination which you will love to read.

We all know CBSE (central board of secondary education) conduct the CTET exam in order to get the aspirants job in central govt. Schools. CTET exam is held twice a year by CBSE and if you want to see yourself working in government schools as a teacher then first you will have to ace this exam. Many times aspirant looks only for the lucrative of the jobs and yes, this job will give you sufficient salary and good social status but when you’re trying to prepare for the exam you shall always look for its exam pattern and syllabus which will give you an idea about how hard or easy to ace this type of exam.

Get CTET 2020 Syllabus

One of the important things when it comes to acing the CTET exam is understanding its syllabus. I’ve seen many aspirants failed because they don’t know how to read the whole syllabus in a smart way. So those who are trying to appear for CTET 2020 shall have a look at this CTET 2020 Syllabus. CTET exam is held in two papers and the candidate have options to give either one or both papers. Following are the subjects from which the questions will be asked in the exam.

  • Child Development & Pedagogy
  • Science/Environmental Science
  • Language
  • Mathematics,

Check CTET Exam Pattern 2020

As mentioned above the CTET exam has got Paper I and Paper II and aspirant can opt for giving the exam for both or even single paper. Those aspirants who clear the paper I can teach for the students of standard I to V and those who passed in paper II will be able to teach to the students of standard VI to VIII. The questions asked in the exam are all objective type questions in which you will have to score at least 60% to get the pass. So those who want to know CTET exam pattern 2020 here’s that information which will help you to understand how the questions are asked and for how much marks.

Subjects No. of Questions Total Marks
Language I 30 30
Language II 30 30
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30
Environmental Studies 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Total 150 150

Download CTET Admit Card 2020

One of the most important things about CTET exam is that a candidate shall know what type of admit cards they’re going to get because your admit card will be different according to the paper you’re going to attempt. You will be able to collect CTET admit card 2020 on the official site of CTET. However, you can check the status of your admit card from here.

CTET Result 2020

The CTET result 2020 will be released on the official site of CTET after evaluating each candidates papers. So if you’re preparing for this year’s CTET exam then we will recommend you to have some patience when it comes to the result because this year the candidates are going to be little higher in numbers as compared to the previous year’s exam.

CTET 2020 Exam Preparation tips

One of the most important things you shall always give attention when you’re preparing for the CTET exam is how to prepare for this exam because if you’re failing to plan then it means you’ve planned to fail. So here I’ve written some basic yet very important CTET 2020 exam preparation tips for all the aspirants.

  • Always analyze the exam pattern and study pattern before starting the preparation because this will save a lot of your time.
  • Start your day with hard subjects like mathematics or Child Development because once you finished reading them your mind will have more focus.
  • Don’t compare your study pattern with your friends because you might be good at one thing and they might be not.
  • Always study a subject according to the time allocated to it because this will give you a rough idea about on which subject you need to focus more.
  • If possible try to meditate because that will free up your mind and your reading speed and focus will get increased.
  • And last give your hundred percent and Never Give UP!


So this is how you can prepare and get aced in the upcoming CTET 2020 exam and I hope every aspirant who wants to see them teaching in government schools like this article and if you’ve got any doubts then leave a comment below this post.

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