All about Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies – Guide


There is need to crystal clear understand cryptocurrency operation as it penetrates into the financial world.

Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies in Finer Details

The Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009. This type of currency that in traded in a peer-to-peer network has since then at a slow rate upto recently picked. Bitcoins operate in a process called mining. On a decentralized network, bitcoins transactions which entail payments are verified and secured through a peer-to-peer computer process.

In this process the transaction date is added to the global public ledger. The transactions occur in groups called blocks. The bitcoin miner accumulates blocks on each other creating a chain. All these previous transactions that have been secured are called blockchain. Mining become more difficult for the miners with time- as the gain more bitcoins.

Some finance institutions act as intermediaries in conversation of bitcoins to currency. For example bitcoins can be converted to American US dollars to other national currencies.

The value of nations currencies vary according to the financial stability and the economy of a given country. A bitcoin trader can therefore trade gain by capitalizing on the fluctuation of the value of national currencies all over the world.  For an investor to get in to the bitcoin business, they need a contract for differences CFD.

The difference between the trader’s entry price and their exit price is used to establish the profit or loss of the trader. Bitcoins just like money has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of bitcoins is efficiency. IFOREX– a trading platform makes the trade easy by creating and easy to trade platform. One of the disadvantages is constant increasing cost of trading that is unpredictable.

For one to be a successful trader in the bitcoin business they must come up with strategies like buy and hold, swing trading and trend trading.

Dash is a crypto currency that is built on the same concept as the bitcoins that has been in existence since 2014. In the beginning it existed an Xcoin and then later rebranded to Dash a short form of “digital cash”. Das also works in a similar way bitcoins work- based on blockchains keeping track of all the previous transactions in a decentralized ledger. The difference is dash miners have to use a Dash mining hardware and computers to confirm transactions by solving difficult math problems.

Monero is yet another cryptocurrency that was created in 2014. Monero works by operating on crypto night V7 algorithm. To mine in Monero, the user needs Monero Mining Hardware. Monero miners also need mining pools that allow them to receive their payouts

Ethereum is also one of the open-source public blockchain based cryptocurrency. Ether, a blockchain that is created by the Ethereum platform is used in transaction. For successful tractions in Ethereum, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) executes scripts through a network that is international and made up of public nodes. Onesolid advantages of the decentralized Ethereum platform is immutability, no changes can be made by a third party.


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