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{1st} Birthday Quotes for 1 year Old Kid – First Birthday Quotes

Hello guys, let us know your reviews on this post about first birthday quotes for 1 year old kid ( baby boy or girl ). We have collected these lines from all over the internet.

One year will have no idea about his birthday. For him, his birthday will like normal days, crying, wailing, laughing, playing and sleeping. But for his parents your birthday wishes for that one year old will like the pleasant surprise. Here in this article we are going to present you Birthday Quotes for 1 Year old kid, But don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm to think of the sweetest thing you could possibly say to the one year old baby. From adorable drools to heart-warming hugs, think of how cute you can incorporate the cuteness of a little one in your messages. Your card may vary well go on to be the keep sake that the proud mommy holds on to until her baby boy or baby girl grows up and finally leaves home for college. So whether you are writing something for your son, daughter, niece nephew or your friend’s baby- make sure your wishes adds tons of smiles and loads of cuteness to celebration. Check our beautiful collection of birthday quotes for 1 year old kids.

Birthday Quotes for 1 year old Daughter or Son

  • I will not say that life will be hard for you in future when you will grow up. But I promise I will be with you whenever you will feel blue. Happy birthday my Son. ( Birthday Quotes for One year old Son)
  • The cutest selfies ever… are the on taken with you. Happy birthday little angel!
  • Everyone loves you not because you are turning one, but because you are truly one in a million. We fuss over you not just because holding you is life ‘s precious treat. In a life, we know you will go very far. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll be a rock star. Happy 1 st birthday!
  • You are going to melt everyone’s heart with your cute little smile. Happy 1st birthday my daughter.
  • Happy 1st birthday to son with the cutest and most contagious smile. You are life most precious gift that God ever sent to us. But as for have a lovely day.
  • You are a real gem, one in a million. Happy 1st birthday baby!
  • I just can’t resist pampering such a cutie pie with gifts again and again. Happiest birthday to you.
  • Your birthday is not lesser than any festival for us. So let’s celebrate this day with great joy. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday is not a miracle, but what you will make out of your life will definitely be. Happy birthday!
  • Forget the latest iphone. You are the latest obsession of the entire family. Happy 1 st birthday!

1st Birthday Quotes for Son and Daughter

  • With your presence our world has become so beautiful and colorful, thank you for coming into our life. Happy birthday baby.
  • Today is the special day and you have no idea about this and about the loads of happiness you give to us. Happy
  • birthday baby!
  • Thanks for everything baby. You gave me life and you’ve made my life full of hope, happiness and love….. just by loving me. May you always have a happy birthday today and every year.
  • People say I have given life to you. But no they are unaware from the truth that you have given me the life. Happy birthday my cutie pie!
  • Even you are just a toddler and you don’t care. But we promise to celebrate your birthday with pomp and flair. Happy birthday!
  • Never underestimates the power of that one year olds posses. From constant squeals to dirty diapers, the make everyone dance on their tiny fingers. Happy birthday.
  • Are you sure that you didn’t learn how to write, because your name is written on my heart! H APPY BIRTHDAY BABY!
  • Finally, you have got a number for your age. Happy birthday little one.
  • Congratulations and have a grand celebration for completing one year of your life. Have a wonderful life
  • head. Happy birthday!
  • Life will continue to shower problems but your face is enough to vanish them. Happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes for 1 year old Kid from Parents

  • You are the sun of my life. Our life is so bright and shining just because of you! Happy birthday!
  • When I wish you “happy birthday” There is so much to say! Words will not be enough But I will not stop today!
  • Celebrate every moment, there is no time to be blue, today is your birthday, today is all about YOU! Happy birthday.
  • May you always find the joy, North, south, east and west Whatever I hope for you is the best. Happy birthday to you!
  • A movie should be made on your life and it should be called…. Eat, pray, sleep and poop. Happy birthday to my little angel!
  • You are having some miraculous power. Because without doing anything yet. You are the prince of our life. Happy birthday to my 1 year old Baby.

We hope you would like this collection of 1st year Birthday Quotes for Kids. Please share these birthday quotes for 1 year old kids with your family or friends who just became father of a son or daughter.

If you’re having any doubt or suggestion then kindly tell us. We would surely consider it!


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