(2022) Best Muharram Status for WhatsApp in Hindi, Urdu

If you have Muslim friends, you can wish them and make them happy by sharing best status for Muharram with them. It does not matter that whether you are living in the same city or not, because there are social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and more that has played a major role in connecting us with our loved ones.

So, if you are not able to send some gifts, or call all your friends individually, then you can easily upload muharram WhatsApp status, and wish them in an indirect manner. Even you can upload Muharram Status for WhatsApp in Urdu, if you want to wish your friends in their language.

Muharram Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Karbala Status for WhatsApp

Festivals does not need any religion, all it requires is togetherness and love of friends and family, and here we are with some of the best Karbala status that you can upload in order to celebrate the festival with your friends.


Paidaa Nah Hogaa Talibe Baiyat Bhi Abb Koiyee
Woh Kaam Kar Gaiyee Hai Shahadaat Hussain Ki
Aawaaz Daay Rahi Hai Ye Tareekhe Karbaalaa
Hai Zalimo Ki Mout Shahadaat Hussain Ki


Karabala Koh Karabla Kay Shanshah Par Naz Hai
Uss Nawase Pay Mohammad Mustafa(S.A.W) Koh Naz Hai
Youn Toh Lakhon Nay Sajday Kiya Par
Hussain Nay Woh Sajda Kiya Jis Pay Khuda Koh Naz Hai.

Anjam-E-Wafa Kya Hay Yeah Socha Nahi Kartay
Muslim Kabhi Halaat Se Soda Nahi Karty
Ye Rasm Sikhai Hy Hussain Ibn-Ali Nay
Sisajdy Mein Hou Toh Teeron Ki Parwah Nahi Karty.

Latest Karbala Status for Whatsapp

Doosron K Mahel Mai Ghulami Krny Se Behter Ha,!

K Insan Apni Jhonpri Mai Hakoomat Kary,
(Hazrat Ali (A.S)

Janat Ki Aarzu Main Kahan Ja
Rahe Hyn Log Janat Tou
Main Khareedi HUSSAIN Ny
o-Aakhrat Main Jo Rehna Ho
Chain Sy Jeena ALI Sy Seekho

JANNAT K Muntazir Na Raho
Balke Aisay Ban Jao K Jannat Tumhari Muntazir Rahe

Hazrat Imam Hussain.(A.S)

Top Muharram Islamic WhatsApp Status:

  • Sajday se karbala Ko Bandagi Mil GaiSabar Se Ummat Ko Zindagi Mil GaiEk Chamman FATIMA(S.A) Ka UjraMagar Sarey Islam Ko Zindagi Mil Gai

  • ►►Salam Ya Husain!! Apni taqdeaer Jagatey hen tere Matam se, Khoon ki raah bechaty hen tere Matam se, Apne izhar-e-aqeedat ka saliqa ye hai, Hum naya Saal manatey hen tere matam se

Muharram Islamic Status in urdu
So, what are you waiting for now? Pickup any best Muharram Status for WhatsApp as per your choice and upload it on your profile.

About Muharram: India is known for ancient places, multiple religions, food, dance, and many more talents, but it is most famous because of the number of festivals the country celebrates. Being it Diwali, Holi or Muharram, India is known for celebrating the festival by meeting their loved ones and spending some quality time with them.

According to the Islamic calendar, Muharram is considered as the first one of Muslims, and on this day, Muslims keeps fast. The festival is celebrated for complete 10 days, and the 10th day of the Muharram is considered as the “Day of Ashura”, which is a part of mourning of muharram according to Shia Muslims.

These 10 days of Muharram is celebrated by Shia Muslims, in 10 different ways having different intensions. The month of Muharram is observed and respected as the day on which Hussein ibn Ali was martyred, he was the grandson of Muhammad who fought in the battle of Karbala.

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