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Unique Belated Birthday Wishes Images

Missed your loved one’s birthday? Forgot to wish? Worry not, you can apologize to your relatives, friends and family members who are far away from you by sending them Belated Birthday Wishes.

Check these Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister and Brother

Belated Birthday Wishes

►►I knew that it was your birthday, but I didn’t send you any message because you’re too busy with yourself in the last few months. That’s why I’m wishing you you now. Happy belated birthday.

►►I was hundreds of miles away on your special day. I hope you enjoyed your day with a big cake.

►►I’m sending you this message late, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you.

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Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

Belated Birthday Wishes for Sister

►►I am lucky to have a sister like you,
warm birthday wishes for a perfect sister.

►►You can choose your friends but not your family.
You have been my family and friend
lucky to have you as my sister,
Belated happiest birthday dear sister!

►►Birthdays never stop and you never can stop being my sister,
both of these are good to happen. Happy birthday.

►►You have been my first best friend, my dear sister.
Wish you a Belated happy birthday.

►►A sister is someone special, who fights with me,
cares for me, plays with me. I love you sister and Belated Happy Birthday 🙂

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Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

Belated Birthday Wishes for Brother

►► “You live life in the fast lane but I move a little slower. That is why I am a little behind you on celebrating your birthday.”

►► “Even though I missed sending you a birthday message, nothing can stop me from wishing you now. May the god almighty shower blessing upon you.”

►► “For god’s sake do not think that I don’t care for you. You are always special to me. Sorry for missing out on your birthday. I wish you a very happy birthday from bottom of my heart.”

►► “Do you need a reason to celebrate a party? You can take the belated wishes on your birthday as a chance to enjoy yourself and have another blasting party.”

►► “I won’t miss the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. But you know I’m fashionably late.”

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Many times it happens that because of our busy schedule or work load, we forget the birthday of those people who are important to us and even if we remember we are not able to wish them due to some reason. So, what you can do is you can keep Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Images as your WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram status with the name of the person in order to make them feel special and because of this they will surely speak to you and they will forget their anger. (Belated Happy Birthday meaning is late wishes for birthday. If someone forgot to wish you then they will send belated birthday wishes)

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Images

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes Images

►►If you are a day short then you are a dollar short. As I missed your special day by more than so I believe I’ll not have any gift for you. Just kidding. Happy belated birthday.

►►Though my greeting is reaching little late, but I hope that it’ll bring plenty of happiness on your face. Happy belated birthday.

Belated Birthday Wishes Images for Facebook Post

Belated Birthday Wishes Images for Facebook Post

►►Sorry, it wasn’t my fault. Time slipped to fast that I couldn’t arrange enough time to send you a wish on time.

►►The reason for my late birthday wish is a top secret and if you ever wish to know then I’ll hand over those classified information to you.

Even to tease them you can send them Funny Belated Birthday Wishes. Brothers and sisters are considered as one of the most important part of our life because they know our all secrets. So, if we forget their B’day, it can be dangerous for us. So, we should take some action quickly and send them Belated Birthday Wishes for Brothers and Sisters and make them realize that you have not forgotten them.

Very Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

Send Funny Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Loved ones.

Funny Belated Birthday Wishes

You can even download Belated Birthday Wishes for Teacher if you want to wish them.

Send Belated Birthday Wishes to your Teacher

Belated Birthday Wishes for Teacher

►►Teachers are the miracles that put life into the cold walls of schools. Happy birthday.

►►By teaching me math, you didn’t just teach me how to add numbers but also how to add value to my life. Belated Happy birthday teacher.

►►In everyone’s life there is one teacher whose words remain engraved in the heart and soul for a lifetime. For me, it’s you. Happy birthday.

belated birthday wishes for teacher

►►Great teachers are torchbearers of how far education and humanity have come through the pages of history. Happy birthday to one such torchbearer.

►►I take pride in having learnt from a teacher like you because, now my life has a purpose and a cause. Belated Happy birthday to my Favorite Teacher.

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