How much does an average Wedding cost?

Getting married is a big decision. While going through the processes couple’s priority brooding is budget. “How much will my wedding cost”, is the most searched marriage related subject on the internet today. Well, this is because from the venue to the attire of the bride and groom everything adds up.

Tying the nuptial knot is a dream come true. It is a lot easier if you are financially equipped. But if you are juggling through your expenses this is tricky though. A wedding isn’t about champagnes and gathering. It is about lifetime commitments, adjustments, and promises. From household expenses to raising children and savings for retirements, the whole lot tallies.

Ideally, you need to prepare a proper budget to start with your planning. Well not to worry, Wedding Cost Estimator will help you with that. All your questions including spend analysis, venue, list of guests, caterings, attire’s, DJ, etc. will be answered.

What does the average wedding cost?

Well, in the year 2020 an average wedding cost will be somewhere around $32, 940. Flabbergasted, hell yeah!

Couples often set a lower budget but with upcoming expenses cost ends up on the higher note. Usually, an Australian couple set a budget of around $23,900, although they spend up to $28,500. So, it is good to keep leverage of at least 5%.

If you are running low on your budget don’t get upset, this is just an average. This price depends on your conditions. A study says that 60% couple gets monetary help from their parents, 39% will spend their own money and the rest 8% sadly take up loans and advancing mortgages.

Where to start?

Make a realistic budget:

How will you calculate your wedding budget? This depends on how much money do you have or willing to spend on your wedding. Now, once you have made your mind, list things that you need and exterminate unnecessary things.

For example, if you ever wished to wear your mother’s wedding gown probably you will just spend a few dollars on alterations. This money can be utilized on other matters.

Check out the following budget list that you need to consider while preparing a budget:

Wedding Venues: Venue is the most important and expensive thing in your budget. An average cost of a wedding venue in Australia is $15, 258. This is roughly $156 per head of the nation’s average.
Utmost couples spend 45% of their entire budget on venues. By starting with the venue, you will be able to decide a date and truthful budget for curbing expenses.

Catering: After the venue what guests look for is good food. You can make a statement through exotic and lip-smacking food at your wedding. Catering is the next biggest investment where you spend $9,892 approximately. This budget has increased by 2% over the years as a couple prefers interactive food stations and exotic dishes.

Marriage believers: Next is to go for marriage celebrants. An officiant is a person who will make your big day special. They may charge you up to $1000. The average cost of officiant around Australia is $794.

Photography: We know memories keep you alive. Wedding photography is extremely important. A professional photographer charges you according to their work. The average cost of a photographer is $3211.

Wedding Dresses: Brides D-Day is the biggest day of their life. Where 90% of brides chose the most expensive clothing for their wedding. On average that will be $ 2637. However, 23% brides irrespective of the budget chose a dress that will look perfect on them.

Videography: Years ago, people preferred photography only. But now around 50%, the couple chose videography too. This has become popular and people started capturing every moment of happiness through videos.
An average videographer will cost you nearly $2700. Still, if you are considering your budget hire a professional who is good at both deeds i.e. videography and photography.

Wedding Transport (Cars): Here it is not about traveling from one place to another. It is all about making a great and memorable entry to the wedding hall. Making guest awestruck. In Australia, the average transportation cost is $1289.
Generally, 41% of couples hire only one car. On the contrary, 33% of couples hire 2 cars for their special day. This solely depends on personal preferences. However, it does alter your budget accordingly. So, consider each factor.

Music and DJ’s: Good music is not only soothing but is perfect to enhance your mood according to the occasion. Whether you chose a DJ or a band, make sure it is all quite enough for the entire day. So that people dance and enjoy it thoroughly.

This will cost you $1675 but this depends on the number of musicians. You can anytime increase or decrease this budget accordingly.

Wedding flowers and decorations: A regular flower decoration will cost you $1620. This cost depends on the choice of flowers and how much you wish to decorate your hall. You might look for bouquet and centerpieces. This is the best way to add theme and oomph up the atmosphere.

Don’t get confused with the wedding hire as decorations remain the styling quotient. The theme parties are trending in 2020. Here you need to select themes according to your plans. A couple spends around $1565 on decorations which could be anything from a nook for your wedding.

Wedding Hire: If you are looking for some extra pieces on your D day, you should know how much will you be spending on it. The key is to calculate costs from the beginning. Mostly couple will be spending $1678 on such items. This includes marques, ceremony chairs, or additional furniture or decorative items.

Groom’s Attire: Groom’s and groomsmen’s formal wear will cost $1446 approx. This depends on how many people will be part of your wedding ceremony. Also, how many will contribute to this cost. Typically, eight people are there at the party including the groom.

Bridesmaid dresses: The more bridesmaid you have the more you will spend on your wedding. So, consider beforehand how much expense will you be making at your wedding. Around $854 on bridesmaid dresses. i.e. around $200 on one bridesmaid attire.

Hair and Makeup: This year’s natural makeup is in. This will help you look fresh and photo-ready all day. Couples generally spend $743 for makeup and hair on their wedding. Brides want to be the center of attraction as it’s their day. Looking good not only make you beautiful but helps you to boost your confidence also lifts your mood.

Wedding Cakes: Wedding cakes are the most delectable and expensive desserts you will ever buy i.e. $538. But if you are a Pinterest follower this cost can go up to $6000 or more.

Invites: Wedding invitations will cost you $773 for your day. But this cost differs according to services. This comes with hidden costs of stamps, courier charges, etc. if you are sending invites overseas add $1 more to it.

Photo Booths: Photobooth is and remains a popular segment of your hall. Around 37% of couples prefer a photo booth on their special day to make it extra special. This will cost you $903. Always look for extra perks. See if you can get an entertainer that will keep your guest engage in fun activities.

Bonbonniere: The final and most memorable part of any wedding is bonbonniere which costs you around $459. On average it is $4 to $5 per guest.

We hope this wedding cost guide has helped you with better planning. For quick assessment try our Wedding Cost Estimator. For further assistance or queries write to us.

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