How To Find And Access Asus Router Login

Using a router is not that hard; however, you will find yourself in a difficult situation when you’re not able to make any changes to it. People usually know how to use a router, but they don’t know more than some basic things about it. If a user is facing any problem with the router, then he/she will have to go to the control panel of that particular router to make necessary changes. If you’re using an Asus router and wants to know how to make a login and access setup page of it, then you’re at the right place. Asus is the company which has produced suitable quality modems, but sometimes you stumbled upon on some problems. You will need to follow some necessary Asus router login steps to access the control panel of your router. 

Whether you forgot the password of your Asus router or want to make some changes to it. Then you can do that after login to Asus router default login page. There are some ways through which you can access the access panel, and the most common is by using the asus router default password and configuration. When you buy a router, you get the default username and password for accessing it. Here in this article, we have articulated some ways through which you can change the default username and password setting of your router.

How To Login And Access Asus Router Page

If you want to make some changes to the router’s wifi setting, then you will have to access the control panel. You can do that very quickly by following these simple steps. 

  • Open any of these web browsers; Google Chrome, Firefox or even Internet explorer 
  • Then type the default IP address on the search bar which is and press Enter
  • Now you will be asked to put username and password for making a successful login 
  • Put the username and password if you have changed it otherwise you can use the following combinations 
  • Username  = admin, Password = admin or 
  • Username- admin, Password = Password

Even if after using default username and password for accessing the control panel you’re not getting logged in to the router then try to reset the router. Sometimes a user might not get to the login page, and in such a situation the best way is to reset the router settings completely to default. 

Can’t Login To Asus Router 

Sometimes you might face some problems while trying to access the login page of the router. There could be some reasons behind that problem, and the most common one is the use of wrong type of username and password. Even if there could be some reasons for not accessing the Asus login page, you don’t have to worry about it. Sometimes because of network issues, you might not be able to connect with the router of yours, and at that time, it’s advisable to check the power and cables. 

If you forgot Asus router login details like password and username then in such a situation you should go with resetting option. People usually don’t know, but things like router’s passwords can be easily forgotten unless you’re a super genius like Sherlock. 

How To Hard Reset Asus Router 

Follow these steps to hard reset your Asus router if you can’t log in to Asus router. 

  • First of all, find a tiny pen or paper clip and then look at the back of the router 
  • Then Turn on the Asus router 
  • Press the reset key which should be at the bottom of your wireless router 
  • Now keep holding the reset key for at least 30 seconds and wait till the lights on the router start to blink then let the key go.
  • After that restart your router and modem

By following these steps, you would successfully reset your Asus wireless router. If you forgot the login details and worrying about how do I find my Asus router username and password?. 

Final Words-

If you still having some troubles or doubts in your mind regarding Asus wireless router login then leave a comment below. Sometimes people make small things more complicated by not following the right steps. If you want to reset or login to your Asus router, then follow the methods mentioned above. 

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