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MIDI Controller Keyboard provides you with the latest MIDI controller keyboard reviews and a wide variety of the best MIDI controller keyboard brands and sizes. From Akai to Yamaha, you’ll be able to find your favorite MIDI controller keyboard by browsing our reviews section. Not sure what brands, sizes, and prices are right for you?

What is MIDI?

MIDI is basically a link between a MIDI instrument such as a keyboard controller and a host machine, which is your computer that runs the software to process MIDI into sound. When a note on a MIDI keyboard has pressed, the chip inside the MIDI keyboard will turn this signal into a message that is communicated to the host computer. The computer processes this message into sound via a MIDI sequencer, which is a piece of software.

What is a MIDI Controller Keyboard?

A MIDI controller keyboard brings the power of MIDI to your fingertips. And these keyboards do not have to be expensive to experience the thrill of MIDI. A MIDI keyboard is very useful even if you do not know much about playing the piano. To be precise, coupled with the latest sequencing software, a MIDI controller keyboard can turn itself into an instrument in a digital sense. Just press a note on your computer, then it will play. Hit record, and you will be recording in editable measures. Go back and edit your mistakes by moving your notes up or down a note.

What is so special about MIDI and MIDI controller keyboards?

MIDI controller keyboards have changed the way music is made. Live performers, studio musicians, and budding music amateurs can play virtually any synthesized musical instrument from their keyboard controller, then record tracks on their computer, or route the audio live or from playback through their MIDI interface so music can be performed live through professional amps or be recorded in music studios.

How small or how big are these keyboards, and what do they cost?

A MIDI controller keyboard can fit anywhere because they are not as heavy and bulky as pianos or digital keyboards. MIDI controller keyboards come in different sizes: 88 keys, 61 keys, 49 keys, 37 keys, and 25 keys. All MIDI controller keyboards range in price from around $50 to upwards of $2,000. Smaller sized keyboards used with a laptop allow for music-making on the go or at clubs and other music venues.

What are the features of MIDI controller keyboards?

The best feature that MIDI controller keyboards come with is the ability to connect to computers and sync with the software. This capability allows the musician to play as many instruments and sounds as the software comes with. Third parties oftentimes develop thousands of patches for the software to allow for hundreds of thousands of instruments and new sounds. Octave switches allow the user to play octaves above and below what the number of keys on the keyboard allow, so you can reach every note with the flick of a switch, which is especially important with smaller keyboards. 

Most keyboards come with special sliders, knobs, and buttons so the user can assign and customize the effects of these tools within a particular sequencer or recording software. For instance, turning a knob may introduce more treble or fatter bass. When using these hardware-type effects while recording in a software program like Reason 4, these effects are captured during recording and may be edited further once recording has stopped. Many keyboard controllers come with velocity-sensitive or weighted keys. This gives the musician the touch and feel of piano keys, synthesizers, or organs. The firmer you press a key, the louder the sound; the softer you press a key, the quieter the sound.

All in all, if you are interested in music and wish to explore in-depth how to create music, purchasing a MIDI controller keyboard is the best place to start. You don’t have to make a noise like you would learning the drums or guitar. Put your headphones on and jam in your own world. You could create music of any genre and become a one-man-band. 

Most MIDI sequencing software, especially Reason 4, comes with a beat sequencer, so you can create drumbeats/loops for your melodies. We hope you enjoy your experience at MIDI Controller Keyboard, and good luck with your musical endeavor!

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